Best Workout Routine to Run for Your Prospects’ Inbox Space in 2020

by Nicolae Buldumac
Best Workout Routine to Run for Your Prospects’ Inbox Space in 2020

Many attempts have come forward to dissuade the rise of email. Many an influencer’s controversial claim, email’s downfall warning has been pretty popular throughout the years. Yet somehow, several studies seem to contradict these assertions so much that in 2019 running for a customer’s inbox was worthwhile, and will be so in 2020 as well.

According to The Radicati Group’s “Email Statistics Report, 2019-2023”, the total number of business and consumer emails sent and received per day will exceed 300 billion in 2020, and is forecast to grow further to over 347 billion by year-end 2023.

Source: Based on The Radicati Group, Inc. Email Statistics Report 2019-2023

Proper implementations are a conspicuous need given this steady increase of usage for both business and consumers. Why bother might you ask? Well, the power of email lies in its inherent value brought to the table. Every 1$ spent generates 38$ in ROI. It is hard to pass such a generous and effective offer, so much that companies are constantly going about fostering ideas to avoid the dreaded “delete email”.

With several laws and regulations in place (e.g. GDPR), email formats have transcended. Nowadays what you thought might be a nice-looking message is another person’s spam box junk. Consider taking this into account as an appropriate warm-up for a sound 2020 B2B email campaign.

Even if you have not bothered with adjusting your system to the technological upheaval just yet, worry not. Strong-man Global Database trainer is here to help you bulk up for 2020, which is right around the corner. If you have not worked on your gains in the previous years, reflect on following our specialized routine. A strong body and gracious email returns is to come.

Deadlift - The Core of Email Campaigns

Your muscle mass is an orchestrated balance of dexterity and finesse achieved by relying on pre-existing support and functionality. It is paramount to our quest that you can not simply work out one part without consolidating the other. The core muscles, those that attach to the spine, provide stability to all movements and earned the title of “pillar”. It transfers forces between the extremities, so most of the movements find their way back to the core. Likewise, content is the backbone of email marketing and, undoubtedly, many businesses’ weaker link. 

According to a 2015 study by Microsoft, the average human attention span has dropped significantly from 12 seconds (as of 2000) to 8 seconds by the time of the research. Considering the average adult is able to read at a rate of 300 to 350 words per minute, it is quintessential to deliver a sense of thrill in about 40 words. So, grab a barbell and get to work, there is much to be done.

Instill the idea that people are busy and time is money. Therefore, in 2020 you want to deliver a valuable payload in a short amount of time. There are several techniques to help you maintain an appropriate form when performing your deadlift sets:

  • Concise text, straight to the point, focusing on the always busier world. Do not beat around the bush, say what you have to say. Keep it long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest.

  • Shorter copies, therefore shorter sentences. A plethora of adjectives is always there to beautify what is expressed. Unfortunately, they add to the overall length and bring a tedious feel. Cut out what you think is appropriate to ditch and leave the essence intact.

  • Appropriate wording for the appropriate audience. Customers display different interests and represent different generations. It is indispensable to articulate the suitable words to the right people. Some might not like jargon, some prefer terminology use, yet others like a joking manner of delivery. Take into account the different demographics and bear the responsibility for delivering relevant content.

  • Fitting subject line matching the content delivered. You have probably heard many quotes about things being the face of the person. The subject line is the first thing your receivers see and you do want to make a good impression. Follow proper rules so it does not go straight to the spam box

  • Content is key, so avoid sending for the sake of it. Being bombarded with countless emails is a growth deterrent. Dispatch key-content at appropriate times. Leave nothing behind, yet don’t overwhelm your addressee.

The Bench Press - 2020 Visual B2B Email Content

Next on the line in our list is a somewhat popular exercise, essential in developing upper body strength. Not only are you working your chest - accessible design, but also touching on front shoulders and triceps brachii - deliverability. More often than not, a trained chest proves useful in delivering eye-catching appearance and a sense of importance, gravity through the lines. So it is high time you cut off past habits and focus on implementing the “golden ratio”. People appreciate visual email content as long as it’s something both nice and useful to look at:

  • Use rich text format (HTML). Regular plain text does not include formatting or items like tables and images. However, it’s readable for all recipients and devices. Although stats show that plain text currently is more popular for B2B emails, using rich text gives you more possibilities. Hence, training the rich text dexterity muscle would get you ahead of many competitors.

  • Be cognizant of text justification, font, size and line spacing. Appropriate text formatting makes any document readable and comprehensible. Such consistency allows for an easy understanding of the intended message.

  • Forgo text-based images. Markup languages such as HTML and CSS have found their way into the email system. Both languages allow the user to create a bewitching copy, without infringing on a receiver’s data cap. Everything sent on the internet consumes data. On the consumption scale images usually overtake text. Small bitmap images may take the same amount of bytes as a 2,000 characters copy. A thumping 62 times difference in size. Fortunately, there are several compression techniques which allow for a smaller space at the cost of reduced quality. Nevertheless, the difference between text and image is vivid.

  • Apply colour contrast to your copy. There are several theories about how humans perceive nuances of colour, triggering various actions and reactions. Some A/B testing would help with that if you don’t have a designer on your team and no prior data to rely on. But don’t work out too much on that one. 

Having worked out our core and chest, we can move on to our arms.

Biceps curl & Triceps Pushdown - Achieving Positive Email Campaigns’ Results in 2020

Are we at a crossroads when working on our arms? Beyond the aesthetics of bigger muscles, lie the primal abilities of lifting, pushing and pulling. Translating that to our digital discussion at hand: lift the content from the ground, push it towards suitable people, pull back on unresponsive inboxes. 

There are several key performance indicators characteristic to email marketing: open rate, click rate, click-to-open rate, conversion rate, ROI. Treat them accordingly as this is valuable insight reflective of your choices. Once a problem has been identified, see if coming up with possible solutions is feasible, otherwise, seek external tools. We have touched on delivering content to the right people when performing the deadlift. To add to that, a more professional word would be segmentation based on geographic location, interests, purchase history, age. Get as creative as you desire; personalisation is important, and company intelligence platforms such as Global Database can ease that task for you.

Yet don’t go too hard on getting those juicy biceps centimetres, there is still some matters to discuss. Another group supporting your humerus, ulna and radius is the triceps. So far we have not put into perspective the idea of failing to make it to the inbox.

Several regulations and laws have tightened the belts of email marketers on how they use data and who do they deliver it to. Furthermore, cloud filters and IP flagging put additional pressure on how things are done. Nowadays, customers have a cleaner inbox and can always opt to mark unwanted email advances as spam or unsubscribe from further letters.

Spam flagging can occur in one of two main ways: either the content delivered fails to pass basic barriers on formatting, or the email attributed to a dedicated IP gets marked as a source of spam. The former requires little effort to patch up: generally speaking - a shorter subject line here, an unsubscribe button there, and you’re done. The latter involves several steps dedicated just to be removed from one filter. Play by the rules and you’ll achieve the results you are after.

All caps subject lines, as well as exclamation marks, emojis and long numbers are history. These are just prime contenders for getting your mail flagged. Even spam emails refrain from using such style, so you will most surely want to avoid it. 

If you use a newly-created box, you may be subject to reputation checks. Make sure to warm-up your email address before sending huge amounts. Start as low as 50 and work your way up to the top. Keep in mind that warming up will not always guarantee a perfect reputation. It’s still vital that you follow good practices starting from the core.

Phew, that was a lot of upper body strength gains, but we must not stop here. Just a few more exercises will get our desired result.

Leg Day is Important - Don’t Lose Opportunities by Devices

Squats & lunges develop your hamstrings and build muscle around weak joints, thus promoting stability and mobility. So what exactly is “mobility” of an email in 2020? Well in our modern era of digital warriors, you can access your inbox from multiple devices: mobile, notebook, tablet, computer - all with distinct specs. It is imperative that what is sent can be displayed and viewed on as many devices as possible. Hence, the need for responsive design. 

The more you train your legs the longer distances you can achieve. Smart speakers’ usage is on the rise. An estimated 250 million voice assistants will be installed worldwide by the end of 2019. Quick-witted email marketers are already on the track of creating audible emails.

 Complement With a Diet - Email Automation Will Help

You are what you eat. Surely you must have heard it before. A short yet meaningful phrase about the need of eating good food in order to be fit and healthy. “Good” in this case leaves a lot of space for interpretation. Diets accompany workout routines due to the simple fact of calorie management. Calories in, calories out - smooth, quick, effective - what you eat you can burn through exercise and many other activities. Diet does not mean starvation though, it is a routine of monitoring and managing calories, as well as avoiding consumption of those that you won’t burn. How does this symbiotic relationship aid us in our pursuit of neverending greatness? With email marketing, this routine takes the form of automation.

Email automation has seen major advancements this decade including a handful of data models and prodigious processing power. Cross-channel integration improvement prepared even more ways for automation to drive the B2B email landscape in 2020. In the new year, we are very likely to experience improved performance benchmarks, smarter automated segmentation and lead nurturing possibilities, machine learning and AI breakthrough, lower prices, A/B split testing and more. The same way symbiosis is about two sharing parties, email automation will not replace the human factor, but rather evolve into and consolidate as mutualism.


Exercise Should Not Cause Pain - Avoid Email Overload

Growing muscles is a strenuous process and your time at the gym will not be easy. What you give to the system gives back to you. Take in what you can and adjust depending on your body. As pain may be an indicator of both muscle hypertrophy and muscle damage, everyone has their limits. Drop down a set or some kilograms to avoid injury. Personalize your 2020 B2B email workout with user-generated content. Embedding business partners’ reviews earns more trust than any other techniques. An adequate number of reviews per newsletter flow will result in positive outcomes, no damage caused. 

According to G2Crowd, 92% of B2B buyers do the homework researching online review sites for feedback that could further influence the purchase decision.

How can Global Database Help Your 2020 B2B Email Campaigns Gain Space in Your Prospects’ Inboxes

Regular workouts are considerably more resultful than once-in-a-while morning runs. Moreover, for both indoor and outdoor training, you’d need appropriate conditions. Same regards your B2B email campaigns. 

If you are planning to either explore new markets in the new year, to come up with a new offer or to boost the personalisation of your 2020 B2B email campaigns, you need to be fully confident in the data you build them on. 

So, firstly, Global Database will help you to obtain better results with a smaller effort by minimizing the resources you use to collect the information you need. With our data at hand, you amp up your knowledge of your targets or enrich your current database - whichever is more suitable to your needs. This is one less task to burden your team’s effectiveness. 

Secondly, the access to up-to-date company intelligence replaces the 30-minute treadmill warm-up, the one that is so important for any workout routine. We pride ourselves on the highest deliverability rate of 95%. Being assured of the pinpoint accuracy of the data we provide, you can concentrate on that workout routine that would spare you of falling into spam traps and getting flagged, as well as on every word and visual to emphasize the value you deliver. 

Thirdly, in our quest to deliver a seamless experience between software, Global Database provides extensive segmentation vectors to further lessen workflow. Make use of exporting your data to popular supported CRMs or develop your own and request records through our API. Last but not least, forget about events slipping past your eye. Our system incorporates an alarm tool useful for adjusting your campaign at a moment’s notice. Customize market information into matters of opportunity through our workout routine and facility equipment. Global Database is not the gym you go to because you have to, it is an extension of your other daily activities.

To sum up

Technological upheaval brings about a sense of turmoil and dissuades contenders from implementing too many tools to improve email marketing campaigns in 2020. However, we can assure you that whichever trend you join this year or continue using from the previous rounds, accurate data will be both a supporting and an enriching asset. Gain with no pain - with Global Database it is real.

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