Considering Buying Contact Lists? Read This First...

Considering Buying Contact Lists? Read This First...

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While there have been plenty of blogs published on the subject of company databases becoming obsolete and outdated, the fact remains that they are still a widely-used tool in sales and marketing. In fact, in recent years the demand for affordable customer contact lists has seen a growing number of providers appearing, which unfortunately has also lead to many subpar vendors entering the market.

With more and more companies looking for customer data on a tight budget, cheap vendors such as EmailDataPro are becoming more popular. These providers promise millions of business emails for as little as $100, but the reality is usually very disappointing, with low quality and incomplete data becoming the result, and affecting the company's growth and credibility in the process.

In order to help companies avoid buying data from untrustworthy sellers, we've put together this list showing exactly how using bad data can affect your company.

7 facts you can’t afford to ignore:

Buying company contact lists is easy, but generating leads is so hard that very few companies succeed here. However, if companies are willing to spend more in order to purchase from reputable providers who regularly update and validate the data they hold, you can avoid these seven pitfalls of low grade data. Yes, buying quality data is expensive, but quality data brings a much better chance of engaging leads and securing sales.

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