Finding Leads Online: 6 Ways to Gather Company Data

Finding Leads Online: 6 Ways to Gather Company Data

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Back in the days before the internet, the easiest way to find company information was via the Yellow. While it was of course handy to have everything together in one place, the obvious drawback to these paper directories was their inability to keep up with the constant changes to company data, whether it was company name, contact details, or the business had simply ceased operating.

With the invention of the internet, data is more easily accessible than ever before. It holds all the company names, product information, company addresses and phone numbers, and even the names of pretty much everyone in the developed world. Thanks to Google, the majority of websites have opened access to their data, making it easily indexable by search engines. This means data can be collected by companies in a much more efficient way.

As more data is available online, we've summarized 6 ways you can collect free company information:

There are of course more ways to get data from internet, but these six ideas can be used by anyone who wants to get detailed company information. If you’re not looking for a specific company, but rather a large number of businesses to target, buying access to a reputable company directory is usually the way to go.

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