Tenders and Grants

Own the right data to compete successfully on public and private sector tender markets
Corporate email
Spot the best tenders and grants
Get notified when new opportunities are available within your region or industry
Find funding opportunities
Have access to the largest database of funding provided by 400+ donors across 195 countries
Contact project coordinators
Get access to 2,000+ new projects daily and contact their supervisors directly via email or phone
Explore the Global Database tenders and grants aggregator to find opportunities that meet your company’s strategic needs

Up-to-date knowledge of tender opportunities

Stay aware of all grants and tenders that fit your growth strategy. Set up alarms to learn about the best opportunities by industry, proximity to submission, location and other criteria. Make sure you meet all the requirements of the tender specification and submit your application in time

Historic tender data and award summaries

Learn from the mistakes and wins of others by exploring both open opportunities and previously closed awards. Make sure you don’t just deliver a portfolio of documents required by the tendering authority, but submit a successful application proving you satisfy all their due diligence needs
Historic tender data and award summaries

Global funding and tender opportunities

Reach out to tendering organisations from all around the world, bringing your global expansion plans to life. Our tenders and grants database contains data from over 400 official sources across 195 countries, fetching hundreds of tender opportunities each week for you to find the best contract and win it

Straightforward filtering and browsing

Easily access our up-to-the-minute database of tenders and grants combined with key decision-maker contact information and straightforward API integration. Effortlessly browse thousands of open opportunities, filtering them by their status, location, industry, donor and other criteria, or scrutinise previously closed awards
Straightforward filtering and browsing

Tender-based product building

Enhance your product with the latest funding possibilities, create top-notch tools and enrich your existing data. Use the Global Database API to integrate our tenders and grants database, assuring in such a way permanent data synchronization and enrichment. Give your users the full picture of the most recent funding and tender opportunities

Learn more possibilities our global database has to offer

Watch a 3-minute video to get a 360-degree view of more intel featured in our B2B directory that would help you to not only identify a tender to pitch for, but also assure that there is no conflict of interest involved