Infographic: Create Your Marketing Strategy in 11 Steps

Infographic: Create Your Marketing Strategy in 11 Steps

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Having a fully developed marketing strategy is extremely important for businesses of all sizes. Without a solid and carefully executed plan in place your campaigns are likely to be haphazard and unsuccessful. Despite this, a shocking 39 percent of marketers say that their organisation's marketing strategy is not effective, according to the HubSpot State of Inbound 2017 report.

There's no doubt that putting an effective strategy together takes some time, but it is essential in order for your company to ensure you are meeting your customers' needs and reaching your business goals. Creating a strategy from scratch can be a little daunting, so at Global Database we've put together a helpful infographic to take you through the most important steps, regardless of your industry or business size.


Following the above steps will give you a great start to building your marketing strategy as well as a more in-depth plan. In order to really get the most of your strategy, we recommend the following tips:

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