Infographic: How Data Cleaning Benefits Your Business

Infographic: How Data Cleaning Benefits Your Business

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If your business hasn't committed to a data cleanse, then why not? Although giving your records a thorough scrub can use up a lot of time and resources, the alternative is much more bleak; 40 percent of all business initiatives fail to reach their targeted benefits thanks to bad data, according to research from Gartner.

This 'dirty' data is caused by a number of factors; for example, Marketing File notes that 25 percent of all email addresses become outdated over the period of a year, and according to The Data Warehousing Institute 25 percent of data quality problems are caused by customer data entry errors. Whatever the cause, having these inaccuracies in your records can spell disaster for the success of your marketing campaigns, and even your business as a whole. To find out more about why embarking on a data cleanse is so important, take a look at the infographic our team at Global Database made below.

 After reading about the benefits that data cleansing can bring to your business, you're probably itching to get started. Whether you are carrying out a manual cleanse or doing it electronically, there are a number of steps involved. These can include:

Don't forget to keep a detailed record of each step you took during the process; data cleansing must be an ongoing process in order for it to be effective, so putting a clear and thorough plan together now will help your team know exactly what to do the next time around.

Though it can take a little while to get the process underway, your business will soon reap the benefits of having clean data; from better engagement rates, to lower overheads and better analytics.

How Clean are Your leads?

At Global Database, we understand the importance of clean data; our business is built on it. That's why our business intelligence has an accuracy rating of 93 percent; one of the highest in the industry. Our databases are updated every day through both our patented web crawling technology and our in-house team of quality checkers, and every email in our records is validated on a 30 day basis to ensure your contacts never go stale.

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