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168,410 Indonesia Companies Database

Kick-start your marketing efforts with an accurate contact list for Indonesian businesses. With over 168,410 registered organizations listed, the Global Database platform can help your business make valuable contacts and sales in the Indonesian region. An abundance of natural resources means that the Indonesian economy is extremely prosperous – and you can find accurate contact details for key decision makers at in Global Databases’ Indonesia companies directory.
  • Total Companies168,410
  • Available Contacts:171,551
  • Valid Email Addresses:168,410
  • Valid Direct Phone Numbers:118,708
  • Valid Mail Addresses:168,410

Indonesia Industry Database

The Indonesian economy is heavily reliant on export of the country’s many natural resources, including oil and gas, coal, gold and palm oil-related products. The economy continues to grow, seeing all 32 industry sectors flourish. The Global Database Indonesia Industry directory can help you make contact with decision makers in these sectors, allowing you to gain a foothold in the world’s 14th largest economy. With over 168,410 company records and contact details in the Indonesia business directory, Global Database has everything you need to begin selling to companies in Indonesia. Use the buttons below to download a sample of free Indonesia data, or to place an immediate order for the full contact list.
  • Indonesian industries: 32
  • Average companies per industry: 5262
  • Indonesia’s biggest industry: Oil and Gas

Indonesia Phone Database

Turbo-charge your next telesales campaign by equipping your team with 118,708 direct dial phone numbers for key decision makers of Indonesian industry. With the Global Database Indonesia phone database you can bypass gatekeepers and reach key business leaders direct – saving you time, money and wasted effort. And with the ability to segment the Global Database Indonesia phone directory based on job role, you can speak directly to CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, senior managers and more.
  • Number of Indonesia companies: 168,410
  • Direct phone numbers listed: 118,708
  • Numbers listed per Indonesian company: 2

Download a free Indonesia contact database sample

You can verify the accuracy of Global Database’s Indonesia contact database by downloading a sample data set for free. Whether you need an Indonesia email list, a comprehensive Indonesia phone number database, or an extensive list of companies broken down by sector (Indonesia industry list), Global Database can help. The quality of the data is so high that we’re that you will be 100% satisfied – click Download Sample and complete the short form to begin your free Indonesia contact data trial immediately.

Compare the Indonesia contact database to our competitors

The quality of your contact data is paramount to the success of your marketing campaigns. And although there are other Indonesia Database providers to choose from, our data is well ahead of the pack. You can use this small interactive comparison tool to check the differences in quality between Global Database records and those from other vendors.

The Indonesia contact list records are updated every week – unlike Hoovers, InfoUsa, Dun & Bradstreet, Kompass and Only Global Database provides the highest quality data with the most demographic details including Job Title, Country, Email, Phone and more, so you have the information you need to build a finely tuned marketing campaign.
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  • Compare Indonesia business database to Dun & Bradstreet
  • Compare Indonesia business directory to ZoomInfo
  • Compare Indonesia contact database to Kompass
  • Compare Indonesia companies database to
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Direct phone numbers 76%
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Coverage 195 countries 170 countries 65 countries
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Data source On the ground sources in each country Data mining Data mining

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Interesting facts about doing business in Indonesia

With a GDP of $2.84 trillion, the Indonesian economy is considered to be the eighth largest in the world, and the largest in Southeast Asia, earning a place in the G20 family of countries.
Industry is by far the largest sector in the Indonesian economy, accounting for nearly 47% of GDP.
The service sector is increasingly important to Indonesia, accounting for nearly 39% of GDP. Industry is also the largest sector by employment in the country employing 48% of the total Indonesian workforce.
More than a third of Indonesian workers are employed in agriculture, but after hundreds of years, the proportion has begun to fall – rapidly.
By 2010, Indonesia had become the 27th biggest exporter in the world. Japan, Singapore, the United States and China are the largest importers of goods from Indonesia.
Singapore, Japan and China are the largest exporters of goods and services to Indonesia.
Palm oil is a key part of the Indonesian economy, accounting for around 7% of GDP. Palm plantations occupy approximately 6 million hectares – roughly twice the size of Belgium – become the world’s largest producer of palm oil.
Indonesia occupies nearly 13,000 islands across South Eastern Asia, but nearly half the 255 million strong population lives on the island of Java.
The Indonesian economy was relatively untouched by the Global Financial Crisis achieving 6% annual growth as other economies struggled. Indonesia is actually the second fastest growing economy in the G20 group, ahead of China.
Although 11% of Indonesians live below the poverty line, the official unemployment rate runs at just 5.9% across the entire country.
Indonesia is the world’s 15th largest producer of cars, building nearly 1.1 million vehicles every year for international brands including General Motors, Toyota, Daihatsu, Isuzu, Nissan and Suzuki.
Two of the Fortune Global 500 firms, Pertamina and Perusahaan Listrik, are both headquartered in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.
Indonesia currently exports nearly five times as much to the United States as it imports - $2 billion in, $9.5 billion out. Indonesia is in receipt of financial aid from the US Government however, receiving food aid, health services and technical advice to provide much needed economic reform.
Indonesia is one of the only Asian members of OPEC, producing approximately 1 billion barrels of oil per day. Indonesia’s oil output is in decline, mainly due to ageing oil fields and under-investment in infrastructure. Indonesia now imports more oil than it actually produces.
Indonesia has established itself as the world’s largest producer of tin. The country is also an important exporter of bauxite, silver, copper, nickel, gold and coal. Much of the mineral production is handled by foreign firms including Rio Tinto, Freeport Indonesia, China Hongqiao and Shandong Nanshan Aluminium.
Internet-related products and services are becoming an increasingly important aspect of the Indonesian economy, accounting for 1.6% of GDP – more than the export of electronics or liquefied natural gas.
There are an estimated 50 million small businesses in Indonesia, 48% of whom are already online, offering a huge opportunity for international businesses to make contact.

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