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81,210 Kenya Companies Database

81,210 Kenya companies database Instantly improve your next marketing campaign using a world class contact list for Kenyan business from Global Database. There are over 81,210 registered businesses and public sector bodies listed, helping you target the organizations most interested in your products and services. A focus on agriculture and a growing petrochemical industry has helped Kenya establish itself as the most prosperous economy in the east of Africa. And the Kenya companies directory from Global Database will help you get your message in front of the right people.
  • Total Companies81,210
  • Available Contacts:21,106
  • Valid Email Addresses:21,106
  • Valid Direct Phone Numbers:73,419
  • Valid Mail Addresses:21,106

Kenya Industry Database

The Kenyan economy is founded on agriculture, but advances in tourism, higher education and telecommunications are helping diversification efforts. Despite the size of the Kenyan economy, industry and manufacturing are still relatively poorly represented. The Global Database Kenya Industry database allows your sales teams to make contact with decision makers in every sector, established or new, allowing you to gain a foothold in Eastern Africa’s largest economy. With over 81,210 company records and contact details for each in the Kenya business directory, you have everything needed to begin selling to companies in Kenya. You can download a sample of free Kenya data using the button below, or order the full contact list for just $1990.
  • Kenyan industries: 32
  • Average companies per industry: 2531
  • Kenya’s biggest industry: Oil and gas

Kenya Phone Database

Start your next telesales campaign on the right footing by supplying your team with 73,419 direct dial phone numbers for key decision makers of Kenyan industry. The Global Database Kenya phone list you can bypass gatekeepers and reach key business leaders direct – ensuring maximum return on your telesales marketing budget. You can also improve campaign accuracy by segmenting the Global Database Kenya phone directory on almost any criteria, including job role, you can speak directly to CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, senior managers and more.
  • Number of Kenyan companies: 81,210
  • Direct phone numbers listed: 73,419
  • Numbers listed per Kenyan company: 2

Download a free Kenya contact database sample

You can confirm the quality of Global Database’s Kenya contact list using one of our free samples. Whether you need a Kenya email list with thousands of records, a complete Kenya phone number database, or Kenya industry list broken down by sector, Global Database can help. Our data is such high quality that we’re convinced you will be 100% satisfied – click Download Sample and complete the short form to begin a free Kenya contact data trial immediately.

The Global Database Kenya contact database is number one

High quality contact data is pivotal to the success of your marketing campaigns. So although you can buy a Kenya Database from another provider, our data is market leading. This interactive comparison tool allows you to see the differences in quality for yourself.

Kenya contact list records from Global Database are updated every week – unlike Competitor 1, Competitor 2, Competitor 3, Competitor 4 and Competitor 5. Global Database provides the highest quality data with the most demographic details including Job Title, Country, Email, Phone and more – everything you need to build a finely tuned marketing campaign.
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Direct phone numbers 76%
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Coverage 195 countries 170 countries 65 countries
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Interesting facts about doing business in Kenya

With a GDP of $65.899 billion, the Kenyan economy is ranked 72nd in the world, and first in Eastern and Central Africa.
Agriculture accounts for a quarter of Kenyan GDP, industry 14.8% and services the large majority – 61%.
Kenya is widely regarded as the hub for financial, communications and transport services in the East and Central regions of the African continent. Between 60% and 70% of all industries in Kenya are foreign owned.
Expatriate Kenyans are an increasingly important part of the nation’s economy, sending home money from their jobs in the US, Middle East, Europe and Asia.
Expansions in telecommunications, construction and transport have seen Kenya’s GDP grow by around 5% year on year, with inflation running at just under 6.5%.
Although services makes up the majority of Kenya’s GDP, just 25% of Kenyans are employed in the sector. The remaining 75% typically work in agriculture. Kenya has an unemployment rate of 38%.
Kenya’s export market is worth $5.7 billion annually, with tea, horticultural products, coffee, petrochemicals, fish and cement making up the majority of items sold abroad.
The majority of Kenyan exports are sent to Uganda and Tanzania, although the USA, United Kingdom and the Netherlands are also major trading partners.
Tourism is an incredibly important part of Kenya’s economy, making up the majority of The services sector in the country. Kenya is a particularly popular destination for tourists from Germany and the United Kingdom who come to visit beach-side resorts and big game nature reserves.
The Nairobi Stock exchange is Africa’s fourth largest in terms of market capitalization, making the country a major hub for financial services in the central and eastern region.
Kenya is relatively lacking in terms of mineral deposits, with small gold limestone and salt mining operations having negligible overall effect on the country’s GDP.
Kenya is a net importer of raw oil products, operating a single national refinery to produce fuel for the domestic market.
The three largest urban centres in Kenya are Nairobi (the national capital), Mombasa and Kisumu which are also the central hubs for industrial activity in the country. Food processing industries such as brewing, sugarcane processing, grain milling and consumer goods fabrication dominate.
The United Kingdom is the largest investor in Kenyan industry, providing approximately half of the required cash investment. The USA is also a major investor in Kenyan industry.
With a Standards & Poor rating of B+, Kenya is considered a relatively stable market for foreign investment.
Kenya is heavily reliant on a series of state-owned hydroelectric power stations. However seasonal droughts can result in shortages. A new geothermal power station is hoped to reduce these problems, and the need to import additional electricity from Uganda.

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