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169,582 Nigeria Companies Database

Do you need an accurate contact list for Nigerian businesses? With over 169,582 registered organizations, the Global Database platform can help your business gain traction in the Nigerian region. International firms like Shell, ExxonMobile, Chevron and Guinness have joined local companies like Nigerian Brew, Afrik Pharmaceuticals and Lafarge Africa in investing heavily in the Nigerian economy – and you can find accurate contact details for key decision makers in Global Databases’ Nigeria business list.
  • Total Companies169,582
  • Available Contacts:38,410
  • Valid Email Addresses:37,779
  • Valid Direct Phone Numbers:147,514
  • Valid Mail Addresses:169,582

Nigeria industry database

Although the Nigerian economy is currently heavily reliant on the oil and gas industry, growth has seen all 32 industry sectors flourish. Global Database can help you make contact with decision makers in the oil and gas, utilities, manufacturing and technology industries. With the 20th largest GDP in the world, the Nigerian market is waiting to be cracked. With over 169,582 company records in the Nigeria industry directory, Global Database has everything you need to get started in marketing to companies in Nigeria. Use the buttons below to download a free data sample, or to place your order for the full contact list now.
  • Nigeria Industries:32
  • Average companies per industry: 5281
  • Nigeria’s biggest industry: Oil and Gas

Nigeria phone database

Imagine the sales potential of 147,514 direct dial phone numbers for key decision makers of Nigerian industry. With the Global Database Nigeria phone list you can avoid gatekeepers and call business leaders direct. And with the ability to segment the Nigeria phone directory based on job role, you can speak directly to CEOs, product managers, HR consultants and more.
  • Number of Nigerian companies:169,582
  • Direct phone numbers listed: 147,514
  • Numbers listed per Nigerian company:2

Download a Free Sample

Why not check the accuracy of our Nigeria contact database by downloading a free sample? Whether you need a Nigeria email list, a comprehensive Nigeria phone number database, or access to the Nigeria industry list, Global Database can help. And we’re convinced that you will be 100% satisfied – click Download Sample and complete the short form to access your free Nigeria contact data trial immediately.

Compare the Nigeria contact database to our competitors

We understand the importance of data quality to your marketing campaigns. And we know that there are other Nigeria Database providers you can choose from. To help demonstrate the superiority of the Global Database Nigeria contact directory we have created a small interactive comparison that allows you to check the differences in quality with other vendors.

Global Database Nigeria contact list records are updated weekly compared to Competitor 1, Competitor 2, Competitor 3, Competitor 4 and Competitor 5. Only Global Database provides the highest quality data with the most demographic details including Job Title, Country, Email, Phone and more.
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Interesting facts about doing business in Nigeria

Nigeria is now the largest economy in Africa, and 20th largest in the world, with many experts claiming that the country is an emerging global power.
Around 30% of the Nigerian population is employed in agriculture, with cocoa and rubber being the most exported crops.
A member of OPEC, Nigeria is the 12th largest producer of oil, providing more than 10% of oil and fuel for the USA market. The biggest market for Nigerian oil is India, who purchase between 20% and 25% of total output.
Nigeria has one of the world’s fastest growing telecommunications sectors, with African providers like MTN, Etisalat, Zain and Globalcom basing their offices in the country.
Analysts expect Nigeria to experience significant future growth in the mineral mining and manufacturing industries. Deposits of coal, iron ore, wolframite, tantalum and uranium (among others) have all been found in the country, but have yet to be fully exploited. As a result, mining currently only accounts for approximately 0.3% of GDP.
The World Bank classifies the Nigeria economy as having reached ‘lower middle income status’.
Nigeria businesses is the 14th largest exporter of goods to the US.
Nigeria has a well-established satellite program, with four units currently in operation, paid for and run by the Nigeria government. The satellites perform a range of tasks, from monitoring environmental issues, to supporting communications.
Nigeria is the most populous country on the whole African continent. Around 18% of all people in Africa live in Nigeria.
. Nigeria is the 50th largest importer of US goods.
According to The Economist magazine, to succeed in Africa, your business must first succeed in Nigeria.
Nigeria has a thriving film industry known locally as Nollywood, regarded as the African equivalent of Hollywood in America, or Bollywood in India.
Gross domestic product (GDP) has grown exponentially since records were first published in 1980. Growth continues to accelerate with GDP more than doubling between 2012 and 2014, moving from being the 30th largest world economy to 20th.
Nigerian GDP is composed from the following sectors; agriculture at 40%, services at 30%, manufacturing at 15% and oil at 14% - this despite oil-related products making up 94% or Nigeria’s exports.
Nigeria is the sixth largest agricultural producer in the world, despite a recent decline in output.
Problems with low power generation and electricity availability means that Nigeria is only the 5th largest provider of services in Africa. In terms of the rest of the world, this places them 63rd.
Nigeria is serviced by five international airports, located in Lagos, Kano, Port Harcourt, Enugu and Abuja, backed by several domestic airfields that simplify air travel within the country.
The second biggest source of international income is money sent home by Nigerians living abroad. 17.5 million Nigerians living outside the country sent more than $17.9 billion back to relatives, comprising 6.7% of GDP. Most of that money is sent home by Nigerians living in the US.
Nigeria is in receipt of foreign aid from the International Monetary Fund to help promote growth of alternative revenue sources outside the oil sector, and to help reduce poverty within the country. The US government also supplied additional funds to help promote the growth of democracy.
Nigeria has a healthy workforce in excess of 57 million people, nearly three-quarters of whom work in the agriculture sector. Nigeria is also a major destination for migrants from other nearby African nations looking for work. Despite the continuing growth of the Nigerian economy, unemployment is currently estimated at 24%.
China, the US, the UK, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Italy provide most of Nigeria’s imports – worth $26 billion in 2005.
State governments are undertaking a number of major road building projects with a view to improving national infrastructure and transport links across the country.
Its location and economy have made Nigeria a major hub for car manufacture on the African continent.

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