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The Agriculture Industry Database from Global Database fuels your sales and marketing efforts with accurate, in-depth company information. The food and agribusiness industry is worth around $5 trillion worldwide, and you can gain a slice of the action with unrestricted access to 291665 records for companies currently working across the industry.

You can use our powerful filtering tools to find the specific company types you require, and then gain immediate access to details such as contact information, financials, credit scores and more. We offer continent-based packages for the following regions: Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America, Africa, the Caribbean, and the Middle East.

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Today, the farming industry provides around 1.3 billion jobs globally - that's 19% of the world's population. Global Database allows you to target the decision makers in the industry, with 585747 records for executives worldwide. You can search the directory based on job title, seniority, and department to find the people you need to speak to.

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Email marketing remains the top-performing marketing channel, which is why our Agriculture Industry Email Database is checked and updated regularly. Whether you're targeting the $6419.05 billion Asia Pacific agriculture market, or the $414.64 billion Middle East agriculture market, you can easily reach out to the leading companies in each region. All of our email addresses are tested on a monthly basis to ensure the best deliverability rates possible, and you can also export each record into Excel to populate your own CRM quickly and without hassle.

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The Global Database Agriculture Industry directory allows you to get to the heart of every company. Research from McKinsey revealed that there was global investments in the food-and-agribusiness sector of over $100 billion between 2004 and 2013 alone. Get ahead of the competition and speak to the decision makers in each company with our company data. You can bypass gatekeepers and pitch directly to the people at the top of the chain. Simply use the filter tools to identify the right employees and get dialling straight away.

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By subscribing to the Agriculture Industry Database, you'll have unrestricted access to the 291665 company records for a whole year. All of these records are updated on a daily basis; we remove stale data and add or correct company information. You can request alerts for specific companies and we'll be sure to let you know any time the record is altered in any way. Our stringent quality control checks mean we can guarantee that our data is always at least 93% accurate - and if it's not, we'll provide you with fresh replacement contacts as an apology.