Corporate Bulk Data

Shape your own understanding of the market with Global Database

Corporate email

See the whole picture

Corporate bulk data, companies’ KPIs and ratios will allow a deep understanding of the market

Stay competitive

Build your product based on high-quality data to deliver a valuable result to your customers

Stay updated

Receive notifications each time the database is expanded or when changes on the market take action

Deep insight into full datasets

Employ the wide range of company data for over 100 million businesses available with our global business directory. Our datasets allow you to scrutinise local markets and run comprehensive analyses on a world scale, as well as structure the data to your liking with 80+ segmentation tools on deck

Winning white-labelling opportunities

Operate B2B corporate bulk data to your best advantage or adapt it to your clients’ liking. As the holder of data, you can use it for a series of regulatory-compliant purposes, such as single customer view, account management, data cleansing, various anti-fraud tools and more

AI Big Data Modeling

Improve your machine learning models by using high-quality data and drive better insights into problems you are trying to solve. Stay future-oriented and apply data collected with Global Database to ML or AI products to ensure that you deliver a valuable outcome to your customers

Data-driven product building

Build exclusive data-driven products with global B2B corporate intelligence. Apply the data you get with our company database in innovative ways, and create eminent solutions to help both your and other businesses actualise strategic goals

Structured and trustworthy

Use structured corporate bulk data to take endowed decisions and base your ML models on reliable information. Stay abreast of all events with alerts set up according to your particular needs. Ensure realistic planning and have all your requirements met by scheduling update delivery on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

Are there even more benefits Global Database can bring to my enterprise?

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