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United Kingdom Business Directory

If your business is targeting UK companies, let Global Database do the hard work for you. Our UK business directory database offers data for 16,043,989 companies and their employees across the region. Save enormous amounts of time and resources, using the UK business database instead of building such a large and detailed directory manually.

Our online platform is not only a high-quality company email address list containing millions of contacts. It’s also a reliable source of vital in-depth information, providing you with an overall picture of each company before you go into business. Our United Kingdom business directory holds exclusively up-to-date and relevant data. The profiles, containing company names and addresses, financial history, staff numbers, years of operation, office locations and much more, are constantly updated by our in-house team of over 100 employees and through our patented web crawling technology.

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United Kingdom Industry Database

Global Database can provide all the data you need to get started in 34 sectors of the UK market, like marketing, technology, engineering, finance, pharmaceuticals, agribusiness, to name just a few.  Our UK business database has almost every major industry covered.

Companies all over the world use Global Database’s detailed industry sectors list. UK businesses support the global trend of following data-driven strategies only, and our wide range of company data and superior quality leads help governments, banks, businesses, schools and research centres make informed decisions.

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United kingdom Business Credit Reports

Do you want to easily minimize risk and make more informed decisions? Global Database Business Credit Report platform offers a simple — yet often overlooked — way to help avoid cash flow interruptions and connect with your ideal prospects in the Finance industry in United Kingdom.


Extending credit for goods and services to your B2B partners in United Kingdom is a normal part of doing business, but it’s not without risk — and many companies rely on the strength of the relationship with their partners/prospects when assessing their credit worthiness. What are they missing? A business credit report. Without it, you won’t know a company’s payment history, their credit limit, or the information about your prospect’s group structure. This level of risk can keep you from creating profitable partnerships and put your financial future at risk.


But this doesn’t have to happen — you can protect your business today. By accessing the Global Database Business Credit Report platform, you’ll get reliable data for 445074 businesses in the Finance industry in United Kingdom. Our comprehensive business credit report is a simple yet crucial tool to help protect your cash flow, understand a prospects’ group structure, easily monitor credit risk, and avoid fraud — with your current as well as future partners.

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Business Credit Reports

United Kingdom Business Email Address Database

The UK business email database held on the Global Database platform offers you access to highly targeted B2B email lists. UK business data, contained in our datasets, offer 11,992,587 verified email addresses, with one of the highest email deliverability rates in the industry. The numerous email validation checks, including those by an in-house validation team alongside a patented web-crawling technology, allow you to be sure your offers, sales campaigns or newsletters get to the right targets.  

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United Kingdom Business Phone Database

The Global Database United Kingdom phone directory provides access to 1,488,568 business numbers for the country.

The multiple filters are designed to make your search easy, with your call list narrowed down to just the people you really need to reach, like senior managers, CTO’s or even company directors. UK company decision makers can now be accessed without getting blocked by gatekeepers.

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United Kingdom B2B Email Lists

The Global Database United Kingdom business directory’s use for marketers isn’t just limited to the accurate business email database with hundreds of thousands of contacts only in the UK. The platform subscription also enables you to create highly targeted campaigns, narrowing your search down to the specific criteria your company is aiming at, like:

  • Industry – target people from the specific sector your company is interested in
  • Sales volume – send your offers to companies that actually have the budget for your product
  • Number of employees – assess a company's overall size
  • Employees seniority level – access company employees of any job title

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Global Database UK email database?

Once you have the access to our platform you can easily select the "Location" and the "Region" you need, then press on "Advanced Search" - "Only Select Companies That" and then click on "Have email Adress". Now you have the email list you need!

How can I request the UK business email list?

Our subscribers have access to a platform where all e-mail addresses of directors, managers and employees are collected. To gain access to this platform, you can contact our sales representative.

What are the main benefits of using the UK business directory API?

Benefits of using the UK Business Directory API:

  • Reduced development time: no need to waste time on solutions that have already been implemented.
  • Reducing the human factor and improving reliability: The API can take into account the nuances of the application, which the developer may not have foreseen.
  • Systematicity and predictability: Thanks to the use of APIs, the same functions in different applications are implemented in the same way, which makes user interaction easier.

What type of information does the UK companies directory Credit report represent?

Every credit report, including the UK credit report, begins with a credit rating and risk summary, credit limit recommendations, and key financial ratios. This is followed by a company profile, credit limit history, national court decisions, mortgages and collections, 5 years of in-depth financials, key performance indicators and ratios, and general company contact information.

How many companies are listed in the UK directory list?

The UK Business Directory lists 2,920,592 companies. All of them are currently active.

Can I order a Demo for UK business lists?

We provide a demo for most products. From the demo you can find out if our type of information suits you, it only takes 20-25 minutes. You can request a demo in advance and our specialists will contact you soon.

What is the best UK B2B Companies?

  • Leadbook - Leadbook is a database and data service provider backed by proprietary A.I. powered data technology and a global database of 200 million verified business contacts.
  • Gorodata - Gorodata is a data provider offering B2B Leads Data, Firmographic Data, Company Data, LinkedIn Data, and UK B2B Data.
  • MarketScan - MarketScan is a data provider offering B2B Leads Data, B2B Contact Data, and UK B2B Data. They are headquartered in United Kingdom.

Can I order a free trial to see what type of information is listed in the UK company directory?

Yes, of course, you can order a free trial to see the type of information we provide. We provide this option so that our users are convinced of the quality of our work.