Global Database API

Freedom to identify, build and grow
Automate onboarding processes
Set up the criteria that suit your requirements while lowering overhead time
Build your own solutions
Focus on developing your product while the Global Database API works on enriching your data
Set up field autopopulation
Offer short lead capture forms to your potential clients at no loss
Use Global Database API to build your product or stream actionable B2B intelligence towards achieving the most value for your business

Simplified processes

Stop losing leads because of long fill-in forms. Global Database API can help you simplify enrichment processes and allow you to employ short lead capture forms only. Auto-populated signup forms will help you fill in all the missing company intel based on the extended databank requiring just a few reference points

Streamlined credit decisioning

Make the API work for you. Optimise resource allocation by automating both client onboarding and risk assessment. Use the Global Database API to accelerate new customer verification, automate credit decision making or run agile due diligence checks to make sure you keep your business secure. Set up the API and enjoy a smooth client onboarding process

API Data Enrichment

Look-up full company profiles using just a domain name or email address. The search results range between the respective employee’s corporate contact information and a dataset featuring a 360-degree view of the company. What you get is the general description, up to 20 years of financial statements digitised, web technologies used and a lot more

Clear prospecting process

Help your sales reps or your clients focus on what is really important and escape routine, repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Set up the Global Database API to have data integrated into your prospecting processes or into your product to deliver more value to your customers seamlessly

Automatic data synchronisation

Set up webhooks to free yourself from the need to continuously monitor changes happening to markets or companies of your interest. Identify the events that matter to you and concentrate on more imperative tasks while data is synchronised automatically. With Global Database you can stay assured that the intel you use is always up-to-date

Curious how simple enrichment can actually be?

Watch this 5-minute video to explore the extended variety of possibilities you get with the Global Database API

Frequently Asked Questions

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