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Cyprus Companies Database

Get started with your next marketing campaign using thousands of high-quality business leads from Global Database. If you're looking to target businesses in the Cyprus region, we provide a unified platform to provide everything you need. When you buy email business database access with us, you not only gain direct contact details for thousands of Cyprus key people, but also valuable company insights such as financial details and staff details.

With a total of over 2190 records for organisations in the country, you'll have immediate access to everything you need for a range of sales and marketing activities, such as:

  • Adding thousands of fresh, high-quality leads to your sales pipeline

  • Qualifying existing leads

  • Carrying out due diligence checks before potential business deals

  • Checking the accuracy of your existing contact data

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Cyprus Industry Database

With Global Database's companies database, Cyprus decision makers across a wide range of industries are instantly available to you. Whether you're looking to send messages to those in the technology, IT, transport or operations sector, or something else entirely, our directory has 34 verticals to choose from, and our B2B marketing database provides all of the information you need to contact them.

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Cyprus Email Database

Despite the noticeable impact that the rise of social media has had on businesses across all industries, email marketing has remained the most valuable marketing channel for companies of all sizes. It offers an unrivalled return on investment due to the greater levels of engagement it provides; in fact, you are six times more likely to get a click-through from an email campaign than from a tweet, as notes Campaign Monitor.

With the Global Database email address database, Cyprus key players can be easily reached, through 61132 direct email addresses. With monthly validation checks on each entry, our email addresses come with one of the highest deliverability rates in the whole industry.

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Cyprus Phone Database

Our Cyprus phone directory is comprised of 3515 work phone numbers of employees in the country. We take this data from trustworthy sources and our consistent checks ensure it is accurate and current. With the Global Database Cyprus contact directory you can steer clear of company gatekeepers and instead speak directly to top businesspeople with the real buying power in each organisation.

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Cyprus B2B Marketing Database

Finding company intelligence for the specific types of organisations that you need can be a challenge, no matter which industry you are in. With this in mind, at Global Database we ensure that our online platform offers a range of filters to enable highly-targeted list creation. You can even narrow your search to include staff seniority level, and have access to CEOs and other executives or senior managers a result.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download Cyprus companies information using the Global Database API?

You can easily automate the process of obtaining data about Cyprus companies using Global Database API. You can then download this data into an Excel document.

What information appears on the Cyprus Companies Credit Report?

In the credit report, you will find credit rating and credit limit recommendations, payment trends, whether the company pays its bills on time, whether the company has a court judgment, ownership and group structure, 5-year financial statements, and more. The Global Database credit report is available for instant download.

What is the biggest company in Cyprus?

HeadHunter Group is innovative recruitment recruiting company. It works in such services as personnel consulting, employment and training, personnel leasing, payroll, mystery shopper services, market research, customer satisfaction assessment/monitoring, and business recruitment. The company is headquartered in Cyprus.

The market value as of January 2022 was - $2.309 billion. The worldwide rating as of January 2022 was - 5,718.

Why should I use Global Database as a B2B data provider in Cyprus?

You can use Global Database as your B2B data provider in Cyprus for just two reasons:

  • The wide range of segmentation tools available in our B2B directory allows you to carefully select the companies most likely to meet your criteria;
  • Availability of the most up-to-date information. All of our data is checked daily, and the emails displayed in our business directory are checked every month. Our clients enjoy a high rate of performance.

How do I get information about a Cyprus company?

By subscribing to Global Database and providing access to all 2,224 companies in Cyprus, you can easily retrieve the company information you need, including contact details, date of incorporation and age of the company, industry, number of employees, and their contact details and much more. Separately, you can request a credit report and financial statements for the company.

What is a Financial Report and what type of information does Global Database offer?

A company's financial report is a mandatory form of financial reporting required by law in most countries of the world. The financial report contains, as a rule, the company's financial balance sheet for the reporting period, the company's profit and loss statement, EBITDA, other expenses, net profit, profitability, and operating expenses.