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Energy and utilities are two extremely lucrative sectors. The global utilities market generated revenues of $3,863.1 billion in 2016, while the energy market grew to $9.1 trillion in 2015. If your business is seeking new opportunities in either of these sectors, Global Database is an ideal asset. Our energy and utilities B2B platform contains 256410 records of companies worldwide, comprised of vital data such as financials, employee details, contact information, technology insights and more.

Global Database provides directory packages by the following regions: Asia, North America, Africa, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean and the Middle East. All of these are easily filtered so you're able to build perfect mailing lists from scratch.

Energy & Utilities Industry Database

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The energy and utilities sectors are set to see continued growth thanks to the growing population; it's set to increase by 36% to 10 billion by 2050. In order to beat your business rivals to the best deals now and in the near future, you need to pitch to the people with buying power at each company. Global Database has 681789 records for employees working in the energy and utilities industry, and they can all be filtered based on job title and seniority so you can find the decision makers you need.

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Email marketing is still king when it comes to effective campaigns. Whether you're targeting the established US market, or rapidly growing China market, Global Database can provide you with accurate email details. Our energy and utilities directory is refreshed every day, with old records being purged in the process. This is why we have such an impressive deliverability rate, and our customers experience such great results for their email campaigns. Let our data fuel your next campaign and see the difference for yourself.

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Energy & Utilities Industry Phone Database

The energy and utilities industry directory from Global Database is so much more than a standard phone book. You can use it to speak with senior managers and other high level executives thanks to the direct dial numbers we provide. This means your sales team will no longer have their sales calls and messages blocked by gatekeepers, and you'll see much better results following every campaign. Simply filter the database to find the contacts you require, then start dialling and enjoy the improved results.

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One-Year Membership with Daily Updates

Our subscribers are able to use the energy and utilities database for a whole year, with as many Excel exports as they require. We update all of our contacts on a daily basis, to ensure that any stale data is removed and our records are always as correct as possible. This is the reason we can boast of a 93% accuracy rating, and our clients see the benefits in their campaigns. If we fall short of this target, we'll happily send you new contacts to fuel your sales pipeline.