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Singapore is an economy to admire, and it is no surprise that you may be interested in the local market, be it to start your own business, expand your operations or find new business partners. However, with almost 100 thousand businesses registered locally, it may prove not as easy as it may seem. Global Database Singapore companies directory will be of great help regardless of the goal you pursue. Whether you are looking for just a Singapore business email list, or industry-based Singapore company directory featuring full corporate profiles, we’ve got it all. 

The data we offer with our Singapore business directory is collected from official and trustworthy sources only and is updated in real-time. Our patented web-crawling technology assures the data compilation for our Singapore companies database, allowing us to guarantee some of the highest accuracy and deliverability rates on the market as compared to other Singapore business directories. 

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Singapore Industry Database

If the most valuable to you are the Singapore listed companies by industry, we may consider yourself lucky. Global Database Singapore business directory B2B features a wide series of filters that give you the possibility to easily segment companies by their verticals. In just a few clicks, within a couple of seconds, the list of all companies in Singapore is structured by the industry you choose. 

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How frustrating may it be having a perfectly crafted email marketing campaign yet do not achieve the due results because of gatekeepers? If your goal is to target the top companies in Singapore or become one of them, company email database in Singapore will be a great asset to help you get there. The Singapore email address list comprises direct corporate email addresses of the C-level and other employees, so that you could reach out straight to the right people. And by the way, does any other company contact list provider in Singapore guarantee you an up to 95% accuracy rate?

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Singapore Phone Directory

Global Database is a business directory SG that brings over 31 thousand corporate phone numbers at your service. Not a simple list of companies in Singapore with contact details, our Singapore business database will aid your cold calling campaign by delivering you the most up-to-date corporate phone numbers of decision-makers. Just dial the numbers and talk to the right people.

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Singapore B2B Marketing Database

Corporate phone numbers along with Singapore company email list are just a small part of the business intel you receive with Global Database Singapore business directory. What you get is a full view of each and every company ensuring the possibility for you to choose some of the most promising prospects or reliable business partners as well as to personalise at max your B2B marketing campaigns in Singapore. Be it a list of registered companies in Singapore or a Singapore based global company, you can easily find them and their in-depth company profiles by filtering the Singapore business directory listings according to their:

  • Location
  • Type of activity
  • Industry
  • Profit per employee
  • Monthly website traffic
  • Turnover
  • Web technologies used
    and many more...