Custom Data Research

Feel the power of having the information you need

Corporate email

Hold unique data sets

Benefit from manually performed research to provide you with the information you require

Step up your targeting game

Lead the race with the most relevant and recent data and stay assured you target real people

Get instant notifications

Set up specific situations and changes that you’d like to know about earlier than everybody else

Uncover technologies and data available just to you, drive your conclusions

Single company request

Achieve your outreach goals by getting a hold of the real decision-makers in your targeted accounts. Uncover their names, job titles, direct emails and corporate phones and spend your efforts on creating a laser-targeted pitch while we fetch all the data you need

Multiple companies enrichment

Make sure you possess the corporate contact details of the real change-makers in the companies of your interest. Pick seniority levels and departments you require and/or add a note letting us know what you want specifically looked into, and we’ll get back to you with a fully enriched list

Smart update alerts

Stay informed and get notifications about the latest changes made to companies and contacts you are most interested in. Get to know the markets you're looking to target or enter, and plan your next move by receiving timely updates to relevant information

Latest intelligence available

Access our global database featuring all the latest changes the companies you’re interested in have been through, as we update the business intel almost in real-time. Benefit from the freshness of the information we provide and base your decisions on real rather than obsolete data
Latest intelligence available

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