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The global metals industry has seen increased prices and a rise in demand since 2016, and as a result its total value now sits at $2,700 billion. Global Database has all the data you need for successful sales and marketing campaigns in the industry. Our metals industry database currently lists 468785 companies involved in the sector across the globe. They can all be filtered efficiently thanks to the wide range of segmentation options available, essential for building truly targeted contact lists.

We offer metals B2B directories based on the following regions: Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean. Each of the records held in them lists information such as financial details, employee data, technology used, credit scores and contact data.

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One of the most important factors in being able to win a new business deal is speaking to the right decision maker. Global Database holds information on 1141674 executives working across the metals sector. These can all be narrowed down further based on the individual's job title, seniority and department, so you can find the right people with actual authority to say yes to your products or services.

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When it comes to value for money and effectiveness, email marketing remains the superior marketing channel. Global Database provides all you need to crack a new market in the metals industry. Our B2B directory lists thousands of email addresses for the sector, and they're all as accurate as is possible thanks to our careful checks and regular updates. We're not only able to offer you one of the best rates of successful deliveries, but also free Excel exports to make it even easier to set up your new campaign.

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Regardless of whether you're targeting a large and established market like Asia Pacific or Western Europe, or an emerging market with great potential, such as Brazil or India, having access to the decision makers is key. Global Database provides your sales team with direct dial numbers for individuals of all levels in the metals sector. This means they can skip trying to get past gatekeepers, and instead be on a call with a senior executive in a matter of minutes. Global Database puts you in touch with the people who can say 'yes' to your business.

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The global metal manufacturing industry is growing at an impressive rate; the market is predicted to be worth $4000 billion by 2020. In order to keep up with the constant changes and additions to the industry, we refresh our directory on a daily basis. This enables us to guarantee that our metals B2B data will remain at least 93% accurate, and in the unlikely event that it's not, we'll give you new contacts to fuel your CRM.