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Spain Business Database

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Looking for information on Spanish companies? Explore the local business and develop yours with the largest companies database that contains essential information about hundreds thousands of companies nationwide.


So what can you do with Global Database?

  • Construct highly-targeted mailing lists quickly and easily

  • Qualify leads before adding them to your Spain contact database.

  • Build a complete overview of your competitors in the country

  • Check the accuracy of the data in your existing mailing lists

  • And much more

Using our companies database, you can easily segment Spain businesses by location, industry, size, financial state and 100+ other criteria, ensuring better engagement for your campaigns. Access key information about companies and their employees, get in touch with the key decision makers directly and fill your sales pipeline with new qualified leads.

Spain Industry Database

We provide rich insight and context on businesses from the 34 sectors and the people who run them. Get complete and connected company information and direct contact list for any industry, be that finance, technology, mining, marketing, automotive, or something else entirely.

The rich and qualified business intelligence makes our database demanded by businesses and organizations all over the world, such as Microsoft, Maserati, KPMG, Avaya and Cisco. They trust us to supply them with business data with quality level that they cannot find elsewhere.

Global Database helps businesses find opportunities and evaluate risks – seamlessly delivered in a beautiful online interface and via an intuitive API

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Spain Email Address Database

The email marketing still remains the most efficient and the least resource-consuming way of promoting and selling your product or service. So it’s essential to use quality contact data for it when targeting businesses in Spain.

The 205413 direct email addresses we provide are humanly and automatically validated on a 30-day basis. This means that your access to our email database guarantees your emails the highest deliverability rate in the industry.

Spain Phone Database

Save your sales team time, money and effort with the 407478 phone numbers from the Spain company phone dataset. Call each professional directly, avoiding the secretaries and other intermediaries, delivering your business offer directly to the key decision maker.  

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Spain B2B Marketing Database

Add the exact business types you want to target. Correct audience segmentation and precise targeting are just a few of the things you get using the Global Database business intelligence for Spain.

Search our directory using different demographic filters including industry, sales volumes, and number of employees. Filter the list depending on staff seniority level, and be on a call with a CEO or CTO in minutes as a result.