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Whether you are just exploring the companies located in Germany or analysing the local market, what you need to accomplish the task is a high-quality German company database. Regardless of the criteria by which you’d be selecting, Global Database has got you covered. Featuring over 10.8M businesses in Germany only, both active and inactive, we assure you that you will find all the information you need and more in our German business directory. Yet you will not just get a list of companies in Germany. What Global Database has on offer is full company profiles comprising any important and critical information, including a detailed
overview, headquarters and other office locations, corporate group structure, up to 20 years of financial data, employees’ corporate profiles, web technology insights and a lot more. All entries on the Germany business directory list are continuously updated and presented in structured datasets.
The German company directory provided by Global Database offers you much more than any other list of companies in Germany, as not only does it comprise corporate Germany email lists, but over 80 other data points making it a top-tier business directory in Germany.

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Germany Industry Database

Global Database Business Directory Germany features a list of German companies for each of the 34 industries or for each of the extensive list of German SIC-codes, in case you filter the
companies according to the industry they operate in. Averaging approximately 320 thousand German companies per industry, stay assured that you have access to up-to-date company data Germany has officially shared and that it is the most accurate German business directory list you can find on the market.

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The consistent reliability of email marketing as an efficient channel as well as the returns it generates pleasingly helps to deliver the message the way you want to and when you want to. Yet gatekeepers are oftentimes those who may ruin it for you. Global Database German email addresses list is the solution, as it allows focusing on the most important tasks at hand and fortifying current bases instead of worrying whether your email will reach the right person at the right time.
Besides over 1.6M accurate email addresses on the Germany business email list, you receive the most advanced functionality as the segmentation tools offered let you get not a general Germany business mailing list, but one that would comprise only the companies carefully picked according to the criteria of your interest. A few clicks to filter the company information database Germany, and what you get is the most relevant for your business mailing list Germany.

Germany Email Database

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Germany Phone Directory

The subscription to Global Database Germany company directory offers you much more than just a German email addresses list. While staying 100% GDPR-compliant, our German companies database features the corporate phone numbers of the right people, the ones you need to reach out to in order to achieve your goal. Be it decision-makers at the company or department levels, you will find the way to get in touch with them directly using Global Database phone business directory Germany.

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Germany B2B Marketing Database

Regardless of what companies will end up on your list of German companies once you filter them out according to relevant criteria, you will receive full company profiles with data ranging from location, size, financials, liabilities and contact information to web technology insights. Segmented the right way, all the entries on your list of German companies will represent the profiles of high-probability prospects, while the business mailing list Germany that you will get will help you reallocate your efforts on what’s more important and save your time. The German database directory obtained will provide you with more than enough business intel to craft the most personalised B2B marketing campaigns to further assure your success.