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Switzerland Business Database

The Global Database Switzerland business contact database holds detailed information on 158406 organisations in the region. This data includes company name and address, direct dial phone and mobile and fax numbers, website and email addresses, income and turnover, year of establishment, employee count, company office locations, senior executives and senior managers lists, and much more.

You can use the numerous filters featured in our online platform to tighten your search and add only the companies and/or professionals that match your exact requirements. This information can then be transported to your own CRM or email marketing service using free and unlimited Excel exports. The Global Database Switzerland business directory is the ideal solution for streamlining the customer acquisition process, potentially adding thousands of new high-quality leads to your sales funnel in an instant.

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Switzerland Industry Database

Global Database provides our users with direct contact details for the decision makers throughout a large range of different fields. From agriculture to human resources, chemicals to marketing and engineering to finance, we have practically every vertical covered. With 158406 Switzerland records in total, we have everything you need to start or continue selling effectively in the region.

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Switzerland Business Credit Reports

Making informed decisions and minimizing financial risk can feel complicated, but the Global Database Business Credit Report platform makes it simple. We help you avoid cash flow interruptions and target your ideal prospects in the Construction & Real Estate industry in Switzerland, all with an easy-to-access credit report.


Extending credit for goods and services is a normal part of business in the B2B market in Switzerland, but more often than not, businesses aren’t taking the necessary steps to evaluate the creditworthiness of their partners, instead relying solely on the strength of the relationship alone. Without a reliable business credit report, you won’t have the full picture — missing out on a business’s payment history, credit limit, and detailed group structure information. In the end, your finances, and future of your business, is exposed to high levels of risk that are easily avoidable.


Minimize risk — and propel your growth. With the Global Database Business Credit Report platform, you’ll get access to data for 25223 businesses in the Construction & Real Estate industry in Switzerland. Each business credit report will help ensure you can consistently maintain healthy cash flow levels, watch out for fraud, learn how to navigate your prospects’ group structure, and monitor your current and future partners’ credit risk.

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Switzerland Email Address Database

If you choose to buy email list access from Global Database, you will gain a serious edge over your competitors by gaining over 106788 Switzerland direct email addresses, ensuring that your sales messages go straight to the inboxes of those who hold real buying power in the country's businesses. Our email addresses undergo constant checks and validations, and new records are added very single day, so your sales team always have new prospects to contact.

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Switzerland Phone Database

Getting hold of direct numbers for key decision makers can be an extremely difficult challenge, no matter which industry you are targeting. With over 291420 direct phone numbers for Switzerland companies, Global Database takes the time and hassle out of manually sourcing contact details, saving you money in the long term as a result. Our numbers enable you to reach key decision makers directly, so you'd need never be bothered by gatekeepers again.

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Switzerland B2B Marketing Database

Finding the specific types of organisations to fit your ideal buyer can be extremely challenging, not to mention time consuming. Global Database has the idea solution to this problem; our online platform allows users to narrow their search based on demographic filters such as location, industry, sales volumes and number of employees. In addition, if you are only interested in speaking to senior executives, you can use the staff level filter to add just CEOs and CTOs to your B2B email list or call list.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What information does the Switzerland business email list include?

The Switzerland business email list includes detailed information about each company. This information includes company contact information, company employees and their contact details, company age and turnover, status, official website, company industry, and many more. With this wealth of information, you can use an advanced search engine to find the company you are looking for in our Global Database.

Why is API used? And how can it help me?

Global Database API Switzerland is a broadly applicable, simple integration solution for our clients. It is designed to expand your database and retrieve a range of information. It is also designed to fill any gaps with accurate and reliable company analytical information.

Do credit scores exist in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, of course, there are credit ratings, and creditworthiness is determined primarily by the ratio of your income to your expenses. You can find more information about this and request credit ratings for any company on our platform.

How do I find information about a company in Switzerland?

We recommend that you contact our account managers first, for a general overview of our database. Then you purchase a license for one year, and in no time at all, you are given access to our entire platform, and that includes the Switzerland companies with multifunctional built-in tools.

Are financial statements public in Switzerland?

Global Database provides financial statements of both public and private companies with the same comprehensive information and with all performance ratios. All our products, including finding financial reports, are taken from official sources and strictly with the permission of companies, so you can have confidence in us.