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Global Database can save your business time and money by providing everything you need to launch your sales operations in the United States of America region. We are much more than a company name database; our 922570 United States of America records include a wealth of company insights so you can find out everything you need to know about the country's leading organisations.

With Global Database you have full access to company names and addresses, direct contact details, financial information, business size and structure information and much more. Our intelligence covers companies of all industries and sizes, so whether you are looking to buy small business data or that of a much larger enterprise, you can have it all at your fingertips.

  • Build the most targeted lists quickly and easily from scratch

  • Carry out detailed competitor research

  • Perform due diligence checks before big business deals

  • Qualify leads before handing them over to your sales team

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United States of America Industry Database

The Global Database United States of America industry database enables you to make contact with decision makers spanning 34 different verticals. Our 922570 records for the region cover everything from oil and gas to marketing, transport and logistics to IT, and agribusiness to finance, to name just several.

Our data is trusted by organisations all over the world, with many included in the FTSE 100 Index. Banks, businesses, governments, research centres and academic institutions all enjoy our high-quality company intelligence, no matter if they require large or small business leads.

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With our companies database, United States of America businesses are just a few clicks away. We have over 865893 direct email addresses in our directory, allowing our customers to get ahead of the competition and really get to the heart of United States of America industry. In contrast to many vendors with email lists for sale, we carry out validation tests on all of our email addresses every month, so any unused or incorrect entries can be dealt with accordingly.

United States of America Email Address Database

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United States of America Phone Database

Would your company benefit from instant access to over 864265 direct phone numbers for key decision makers throughout United States of America? We understand the frustration at being met by company gatekeepers constantly, so we ensure that all of our numbers are direct, saving you time, money and effort in the process.

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United States of America B2B Marketing Database

Manually sourcing contacts for your target customers can be extremely time-consuming and costly. Global Database's online platform not only provides thousands of United States of America business contacts, it also allows users to narrow them down to the specific organisation type they need. Our demographic filters include industry, sales volumes, number of employees, and staff seniority level.