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Companies in fintech industry are a fleeting collection from both dictionary definitions and company databases. Fortunately for any businessperson aiming to extend their reach into this sector, Global Database has appended companies in fintech industry to the already exhaustive 30+ industry browser. As the Global Fintech Market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 20%, and progressive growth towards a market value of $305 billion by 2025 it is not surprising that you, along with many other prominent businesses, are exploring investment and partnership opportunities.

High investment in technology-based solutions by banks, firms, and other parties constitutes the dominant factor of the potent growth. Existing Global Database users are already enjoying access to 15,611 companies in fintech industry backed-up by a comprehensive fintech industry email list to aid their marketing and sales efforts.

Target Fintech Industry Companies

Target Fintech Industry Companies

Fintech industry companies are enjoying large investments both in the present and foreseeable future. However, an innate obstacle businesspersons trying to get their hands on reputable data of companies in fintech industry would experience is the sheer amount of sector segmentation. Companies in fintech industry can be divided, according to the technology implemented, into lending, wealth, payments, insurance, accounting/credit assessment, crowdfunding, currency&forex, retail banking, security/investor protection, investment, real estate. Global Database fintech company database is fully filterable allowing you to pinpoint only the most promising leads thus contributing to more precise lead scoring methods in place.

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Sift Fintech Industry Companies for Prominent Leads

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Impeccable marketing decisions require trustworthy and curated data. Global Database fintech company database has you covered on 80+ data points, curated by an in-house team and updated daily. Be it public fintech companies or fintech software companies, our database results will always net you a list of fintech companies as long as they are registered. 

A single click can export you a bulk list of fintech companies. Additionally, if you are trying to single out prospects in a certain region with certain financial numbers that will most definitely benefit from your services, all you have to do is two more clicks on the respective filtering criteria.

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Fintech Industry Email List

Fintech Industry Email List

As companies in fintech industry continue to bolster their bottom lines and fine-tune current methodologies, they will mature without any impending obstacles. Resources are poured in both existing businesses and startups, so there is no lack of innovation supply or specific pain points not covered. Your email content must be most appealing and be delivered right into the hands of the decision-makers. That is possible only if you have access to a fintech industry email list like the one Global Database has. Fintech industry email list comprises contact details of over XX companies in fintech industry, allowing you to craft detailed messages thanks to the saved up time otherwise spent on prospecting.

Companies in Fintech Industry Phone Database

Companies in Fintech Industry Phone Database

In addition to getting in touch with companies in fintech industry through email, a successful strategy involves complementing those efforts with cold or warm calling. Global Database’s fintech industry phone database comprises a thorough corporate phone number list that will help you bypass gatekeepers and further highlight the benefits of your services to the right person. In addition to fintech company phones, you assure your team with access to public fintech companies contact details so they are more prepared and optimize the sales funnel.

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One-Year Membership to a Daily-Updated Fintech Industry Database

Fintech company database one-year membership nets you access to a detailed list of fintech companies laden with extensive profiles going over employee details, company structure, financials, web technology and more. Aditionally, you are guaranteed daily updates thus your data is never obsolete and your investment loses no value. Operate on the latest data for fintech industry companies and power through any campaign difficulties. Try it out now!

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One-Year Membership to a Daily-Updated Fintech Industry Database

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Companies that trust Global Database

  • Microsoft
  • Avaya
  • Oracle
  • KPMG
  • Maserati
  • Frost and sullivan award
  • DHL
  • Caterpillar
  • Du pont
  • Iveco
  • Ipsos
  • Motorola
  • Experian
  • Sacci
  • Board of Investment Mauritius

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