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The mining and minerals industry is returning to growth and there is now much more potential available as a result; the global mining equipment sector alone is predicted to reach $128.39 billion by 2025. The Global Database mining and minerals industry database can supply you with all the data you need to run successful sales campaigns in the sector. We have 205969 company records, each listing details such as contact information, financial records, employee details, technology in use and much more.

Our mining and minerals B2B database is divided by regions, comprised of the following: Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean. You can easily filter each one based on factors such as revenue, number of staff, years in operation, and much more.

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Pitching to the right people is essential for any potential business deal. Our mining and minerals business directory puts you in touch with the decision makers at the heart of every organisation. We currently have records for 496834 employees in the sector, and you can find the specific types of individuals you need by filtering by job title, seniority and department. As soon as you've build your targeted contact list, you can reach out with direct contact data.

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Whether you're targeting the largest mining and minerals markets, such as Asia Pacific and North America, or smaller markets such as the Middle East, our B2B directory can help you create a truly effective email campaign. We hold thousands of email addresses for companies and executives in the sector. All of our records - email addresses included - are updated daily, so you can be sure we're offering the best possible email deliverability rates. You can also make use of unlimited Excel exports at no extra charge, so your email marketing platform can be populated in an instant.

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Mining & Minerals Phone Database

With opportunities available in areas as diverse as chemicals, equipment, automation and the Internet of Things, beating your competitors to the best deals is vital. Global Database allows you to get ahead of the pack by giving you direct dial numbers for individuals across all levels, including senior managers. Your sales team will be able to avoid wasting time and money dealing with gatekeepers, and get straight through to the people who can sign off on the deal.

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As a market-leader in the B2B data arena, Global Database takes its commitment to data accuracy very seriously. We update every record in our mining and minerals database every day, so that stale data can be purged and we can add any missing information, or correct inaccuracies. Because of this, we have an accuracy rating of at least 93%. We're so confident in our ability to meet this impressive goal that we offer all our members the chance to be provided with replacement contacts if we fall short.