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The global HR industry is predicted to grow to a value of $30 billion by 2025. If you're looking to find new opportunities in this diverse sector, Global Database can help. Our human resources industry directory holds 62156 company records, all regularly updated and containing in-depth data such as financial histories, employee information and digital insights.

We offer database packages based on the following regions: Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, Latin America, Caribbean and Middle East. Each one can be searched and segmented using a range of filter tools, and the accurate contact information gets you in touch with decision makers across the industry.

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The Global Database HR industry directory is comprised of 288055 records for executives working worldwide. All of these individuals can be quickly and easily narrowed down based on their job title, department and seniority level. Our B2B platform allows you to find the exact decision makers you need, and then start reaching out with direct dial numbers and email addresses.

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If you're looking to target a lot of HR businesses in one campaign, there's no better channel than email marketing. Cost effective and simple to set up, it still provides the best results. Global Database provides thousands of email addresses for the global HR industry, and we validate each one every month to make sure they're accurate and still in use. With a subscription to our HR industry database, you're able to download as many records as you need with free and unlimited Excel exports, so your CRM can be repopulated in an instant.

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HR contacts database

Much more than just a list of contact details, our human resources industry directory offers direct dial numbers for thousands of employees, including senior executives. This provides your team with the resources they need to pitch straight to the people with authority to buy, instead of seeing their sales calls constantly blocked by company gatekeepers. Simply segment the directory to find the exact contact types you require, then you're ready to get dialling.

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2017 saw the arrival of people analytics on a bigger level than ever before; 69% of companies stated that they're improving the way they analyse and use people data, in comparison to 15% previously. One thing is for sure; in order to get the most from your HR company data, it needs to be accurate. This is why at Global Database we update our records every day. We can happily say that because of this our data is always 93% accurate - if it's not, we'll send you replacement leads to apologise.