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Swaziland Business Directory

The Global Database Swaziland business contact database holds detailed information on 2592 organisations in the region. This data includes company name and address, direct dial phone and mobile and fax numbers, website and email addresses, income and turnover, year of establishment, employee count, company office locations, senior executives and senior managers lists, and much more.

You can use the numerous filters featured in our online platform to tighten your search and add only the companies and/or professionals that match your exact requirements. This information can then be transported to your own CRM or email marketing service using free and unlimited Excel exports. The Global Database Swaziland business directory is the ideal solution for streamlining the customer acquisition process, potentially adding thousands of new high-quality leads to your sales funnel in an instant.

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Swaziland Industry Database

Global Database provides our users with direct contact details for the decision makers throughout a large range of different fields. From agriculture to human resources, chemicals to marketing and engineering to finance, we have practically every vertical covered. With 2592 Swaziland records in total, we have everything you need to start or continue selling effectively in the region.

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Swaziland Phone Database

Getting hold of direct numbers for key decision makers can be an extremely difficult challenge, no matter which industry you are targeting. With over 356 direct phone numbers for Swaziland companies, Global Database takes the time and hassle out of manually sourcing contact details, saving you money in the long term as a result. Our numbers enable you to reach key decision makers directly, so you'd need never be bothered by gatekeepers again.

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Swaziland B2B Marketing Database

Finding the specific types of organisations to fit your ideal buyer can be extremely challenging, not to mention time consuming. Global Database has the idea solution to this problem; our online platform allows users to narrow their search based on demographic filters such as location, industry, sales volumes and number of employees. In addition, if you are only interested in speaking to senior executives, you can use the staff level filter to add just CEOs and CTOs to your B2B email list or call list.

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