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Brazil Companies Database

With the Global Database companies database, Brazil businesses are much more reachable than ever before. Our contact directory holds 345618 entries for company contacts in the country, and includes details vital to establishing a complete view of each organisation, such as:

  • Income and profit

  • Number of employees

  • Years of operation

  • Lists of senior executives and senior managers

  • Direct contact information for email, phone, and fax

Our impressive accuracy levels mean high-quality leads for your next marketing campaign, and our records are easily narrowed down using a range of filter options so that you can build efficient and targeted lists from the ground up. Our customers span across the globe, with many in the FTSE 100, and include numerous market-leading companies such as KPMG, Maserati, Cisco and Experian.

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Brazil Industry Database

The Brazil business directory features businesses within the technology, oil and gas, human resources and IT sectors, as well as 30 others. With 345618 Brazil records to work with, your company is sure to find plenty of high-quality new leads in your niche for a successful B2B email list or call list.

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Brazil Business Credit Reports

Minimizing risk and making informed decisions doesn’t have to be complicated. The Global Database Credit Report platform connects you with one of the simplest — and most often overlooked — ways to avoid cash flow interruptions and target the best prospects in the Consulting industry in Brazil: a comprehensive credit report of your B2B partners and prospects.


Working in the B2B market in Brazil, it’s almost a given that you’ll need to extend credit to your partners. While there’s always some level of risk with credit, so many businesses rely on the relationship with their current and future partners when assessing the financial safety of the partnership. But without access to a company’s payment history, group structure information, or credit limit, they’re exposed to high levels of risk and an uncertain financial future.


Make protecting your business simple — connect with the Global Database Business Credit Report platform today. You’ll be granted access to crucial data for 49819 businesses in the Consulting industry in Brazil. With this simple tool, you’ll be in a safe position to catch fraud before it happens, maintain consistent cash flow levels, understand how to navigate your prospects’ group structure, and assess the credit risk of your current and future partners alike.

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Business Credit Reports

Brazil business email list

With our email address database, Brazil business contacts can be easily reached with accurate and direct email addresses, all of which are regularly validated. Choosing to buy email business database access with Global Database means gaining 4737203 new email addresses, with new entries being added every single day by our cutting-edge web crawling system as well as our team of in-house employees.

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Brazil Phone Database

Although sometimes overlooked in today's digital age, telesales campaigns can still be incredibly useful in gaining new business. Indeed, according to LinkedIn, 90% of managers believe that cold calling remains a valuable and effective marketing tool.

Of course, the success of your telesales campaigns largely depends on the contact details available to you. The Global Database company phone database contains 69471 direct numbers to ensure your sales team can bypass gatekeepers and get straight through to the key employees who hold the buying power in each company.

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Brazil B2B Marketing Database

Filtering our 478528 Brazil records is made fool-proof using a range of options that enable you to drill down to the exact company and contact types you need; just want the email addresses of CEOs, or those from a certain business size or turnover? The Global Database online platform allows you to create real targeted marketing lists, no matter what industry, business size, or job title you are looking for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What information is included in the email list?

Brazil's email list includes company name, employee name, date of birth, nationality, years of service, employment history, and contacts. Most employees give access to personal information, but keep in mind that there is a minority who do not give access, to which they have every right.

What is the name of the best company in Brazil?

In this first edition, the German company SAP, which operates in the corporate software sector, won the podium and was elected by Glassdoor as the best company to work for in Brazil.

How many companies are in Brazil?

Global Database lists 11,048 companies in Brazil. About each company, you can see and examine the information you need, such as what industry the company works in, company contact information, status, age, company turnover, number of employees, and their contact information and website.

What is Brazil's largest company?

At the top of the ranking is Vale, a metals and mining giant that is the world’s largest producer of iron ore and nickel. The operator of the infrastructure including hydroelectricity plants, railroads, and ports, It consistently ranks as the most valuable company in Latin America. Vale and second-ranking company Petróleo Brasileiro, Brazil’s largest oil producer, were the former state-owned corporation that became privatized in the 1990s.

What kind of information is available on the financial report?

In the financial report, you will find information about the financial position of the company. The main indicators of the financial statements are 1. Capital indicator, 2. Net working capital, its structure, 3. Cash flow and profit. 4. EBITDA. These are not all financial indicators provided by Global Database, there are many more, which allow you to make a qualitative analysis of the selected company.