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Is being ahead of the game something that you truly desire or something that you are used to? Regardless of what you are looking forward to - study the South African market, find new business partners or generate new B2B leads - you need an accurate database of companies in South Africa. Global Database offers you business intel that does not just comprise email addresses of companies in South Africa - what we have on tap is a comprehensive South African companies directory featuring exhaustive profiles of over 135 thousand companies in South Africa. 

Global Database business directory South Africa features a series of advanced filters covering over 80 data points, which allow you to cherry-pick the companies to complete your personal list of companies in South Africa and their contact details. Location, company size, turnover, profit per employee, monthly website traffic - are just a few criteria you can choose from to segment the list of registered companies in South Africa. Having Global Database business directories South Africa at hand, among many other opportunities you can:

  • Develop a thorough sense of the situation on the local market as well as of each entry on your list of companies in South Africa
  • Enrich your companies email address list in South Africa with up-to-date data to ensure the deliverability of your cold emails as well as to minimize the risk of getting your domain flagged as spam
  • Explore the companies for sale South Africa and other M&A and investment potential locally, using the extensive up to 20 years financial profiles of South African companies
  • Qualify and update your B2B sales leads database South Africa to boost the personalisation of your campaigns and considerably increase your conversion rates
  • Generate leads based on a quick business database South Africa research and filtering rather than spend loads of resources while collecting data on your own.

South Africa Business Directory

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South Africa Industry Database

Among the main advantages you get with Global Database South Africa business directory is the ability to filter out the companies in the industry of your interest with just one click. Say you need a list of IT companies in South Africa, or you are looking for qualified insurance leads South Africa, or it is South African manufacturers directory that intrigues you the most, you can see the list of all companies in South Africa that are part of that particular industry and even niche. 

Averaging about 4 thousand businesses per industry, the list of companies in South Africa that you will get for the vertical of your interest will be comprising a wide selection of data points, ranging from web technology insights, e.g. monthly website traffic, up to 20 years of financial data digitised and ready to use, location and size, mortgages and other liabilities and many more, among which, of course, South Africa email addresses database. 

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Email marketing has continuously boasted some of the highest returns on investment made and if reaching out to an entire list of South African companies via email is what you need, Global Database has got you covered. What we offer is not just a South Africa email database for sale, nor is it a simple list of companies in South Africa and their contact details pdf just like those offered by some other data providers in South Africa. Global Database delivers you an email directory South Africa and guarantees it’s quality with a secured over 90% deliverability rate, so that you can stay assured that your email campaigns will hit the right South African email addresses, allowing you to sit back and relax while your messages will be avoiding different gatekeepers and getting straight to the inboxes of the decision-makers of all companies in South Africa that you are interested in.  

Email marketing database South Africa from Global Database is the solution you need to achieve your goals regarding the list of businesses in South Africa that are of greatest interest to you.

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South Africa Phone Database

South Africa business email database may not be enough in the case you are willing to bolster your email marketing campaign with cold calling. We at Global Database complete your email lists South Africa with a wide range of data points, yet the most helpful to assist you in achieving more with the sales leads database South Africa is the corporate phone business directories South Africa. Make the most of this opportunity by calling directly the decision-makers you need. 

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South Africa B2B Marketing Database

Global Database South Africa business directory features a smart filtering system so that you could craft your own South African business directory database to your liking, just as you need it to be for your marketing campaigns in South Africa. Identifying the exact businesses you are willing to target is fast and easy, and once you receive South Africa email addresses and phones database you can get in touch with C-level employees in a matter of minutes.