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South Africa Business Directory

Make sure you are among the leading companies in your industry by using accurate South African business directory database. The business listing South Africa, offered by Global Database, comprises not only corporate South African email addresses, but digital insights, credit risk assessments, financials and many more as well. Our South Africa company list features comprehensive data on 138,943 South African businesses and 287,160 executives.

Global Database allows you to effortlessly filter out the list of South Africa companies you need for accomplishing your business goals. Whichever the criteria of your preference - vertical, location, revenue per employee, turnover, used CRM or any other - all you’d have to do is check the ones of bigger importance and voila - you have your customized South Africa company list in a jiffy. Global Database does not deliver you a simple list of companies in South Africa with email address. We present you an exhaustive company intelligence solution for either marketing, sales, financial, HR and other domains-related activities:

  • Build your email marketing database South Africa efficiently and swiftly
  • Develop a full understanding of all the entries on your list of companies in Africa
  • Easily qualify the businesses on your sales leads database South Africa
  • Verify the accuracy of your current list of registered companies in South Africa
South Africa Industry Database

South Africa Industry Database

Global Database company directory South Africa is not just a business directory with email addresses. It features data on businesses across 34 industries both locally and in 194 more countries. South Africa industry database allows you to opt for one or several particular verticals of your interest. Thus, if you are willing to buy South African business directories comprising info on manufacturing, mining, financial, transport and logistics, or other businesses, we have thousands of entries ready to be provided. 

The wide range of info, that our company database South Africa comprises, serves as a solution for businesses as well as governmental, educational and financial institutions all around the world. With an average of more than 4 thousand companies listed per industry, you can be sure that you’ll find all the answers and solutions you need in our industry business directories South Africa. 

Number of Industries in South Africa
Average Company per Industry
Finance & Insurance
South Africa Biggest Industry
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South Africa Email Addresses Database

South Africa Email Addresses Database

If targeting South African companies is your goal, one of the most efficient ways to reach out would be by email. Our South Africa email addresses database basically provides you with contact data of C-level employees as well as those who work in marketing, sales, logistics and other departments.

As easy as it sounds, all you have to do is to check the criteria of your interest among the advanced segmentation tools available with our email marketing database South Africa. Once done, you can simply download the results obtained, thus easily completing your sales leads database South Africa. Aside from the simplicity of using the South African business directory database, you will rejoice at the accuracy of the info provided, as our business data are updated on a daily basis, while the email addresses of companies in South Africa listed in Global Database are validated each month. 

South Africa Phone Database

South Africa Phone Database

Global Database is not just an email database South Africa. It is the platform that delivers you a comprehensive list of companies in South Africa and their contact details, along with financial, digital and other insights that will help you understand their current and potential activities and opportunities. Once you decide on which can be the most attractive search results for your goal, you can use the Global Database South Africa corporate phone directory to reach out straight to decision-makers.

Number of companies in South Africa
Direct phone numbers listed
Average phone number per company
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South Africa B2B Marketing Database

Our South Africa directory is searchable using different demographic filters including industry, sales volumes, and number of employees, so whether you are putting together a large or small business database, you can add the exact business types you want to target. You can even filter the list depending on staff seniority level, and be on a call with a CEO or CTO in minutes as a result.

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South Africa B2B Marketing Database

Our Benefits

  • Bypass gatekeepers using our email and phone intelligence platform

  • Benefit from real-time updates with a 12-months subscription

  • Apply advanced segmentation tools for high-precision targeting

  • Keep your finger on the pulse while monitoring your competitors

  • Cherry-pick and export accurate companies lists in minutes

  • Boost your marketing campaigns’ success rate and achieve your KPIs easily

Companies that trust Global Database

  • Microsoft
  • Avaya
  • Oracle
  • KPMG
  • Maserati
  • Frost and sullivan award
  • DHL
  • Caterpillar
  • Du pont
  • Iveco
  • Ipsos
  • Motorola
  • Experian
  • Sacci
  • Board of Investment Mauritius

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