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Belgium Companies Database

The Global Database Belgium directory has 3175065 company records for the region, enabling your business to add plenty of new high-quality leads to the top of your sales funnel.

The entries in our companies contact database are not only validated by our patented web crawling technology, but also by a team of over 100 in-house employees who gather, test, and organise data daily. This is why we have one of the highest accuracy levels among intelligence providers, as well as the reason we are trusted by huge brands such as Microsoft, Dupont, KPMG, DHL and many others.

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Belgium Industry Database

The Global Database Belgium company directory has contact details for businesses across 34 verticals, so no matter which sector you are looking to buy business data in, we have a solution for you.

All of this data is collected from reputable sources such as Companies House, Chambers of Commerce, public filings, telephone interviews and annual reports, which, along with our constant validation checks, means it is as error-free and current as possible.

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Belgium Business Credit Reports

Do you want to easily minimize risk and make more informed decisions? Global Database Business Credit Report platform offers a simple — yet often overlooked — way to help avoid cash flow interruptions and connect with your ideal prospects in the Consulting industry in Belgium.


Extending credit for goods and services to your B2B partners in Belgium is a normal part of doing business, but it’s not without risk — and many companies rely on the strength of the relationship with their partners/prospects when assessing their credit worthiness. What are they missing? A business credit report. Without it, you won’t know a company’s payment history, their credit limit, or the information about your prospect’s group structure. This level of risk can keep you from creating profitable partnerships and put your financial future at risk.


But this doesn’t have to happen — you can protect your business today. By accessing the Global Database Business Credit Report platform, you’ll get reliable data for 7128 businesses in the Consulting industry in Belgium. Our comprehensive business credit report is a simple yet crucial tool to help protect your cash flow, understand a prospects’ group structure, easily monitor credit risk, and avoid fraud — with your current as well as future partners.

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Business Credit Reports

Belgium Email List

If your business needs an email address database that will provide high-quality leads to help you break the Belgium market, Global Database is the ideal solution. Our directory holds 1089266 direct email addresses for the region, all of which are validated every 30 days.

Constant updates mean new records are added daily, and our customers are notified of these additions so that they can easily be added to a B2B email list. Whether you're sending out newsletters or cold sales messages, our excellent rates of deliverability mean that your email marketing campaigns always have the greatest chances of success.

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Belgium Phone Database

Although cold calling may seem daunting to some marketers, it remains an extremely valuable tool to connect with potential buyers. Almost 90% of marketing managers claim telesales and telephone follow-up calls are an effective lead nurturing technique, according to LinkedIn.

Purchasing access to the Global Database company database provides your business with 43734 phone numbers for Belgium, so you can get started on your next telesales campaign straight away.

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Belgium B2B Marketing Database

With the Global Database business directory, you can not only target companies depending on their industry and size, but also narrow your search down to specific staff seniority level. We have thousands of senior executive and senior manager profiles, so you could even be on a call with a CEO or CTO in a matter of minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many emails are in the Belgium email address list?

Belgium's email list has 20,788 employee email addresses. Our email database is at least 93% unique and of high quality.

What information does the Belgium business directory credit report offer?

The Belgium Business Directory Credit Report provides you with company credit scores and recommended credit limits before you make your decision. With the credit report, you know the trade payment information and understand the payment behaviour of your B2B partners. Knowing the corporate hierarchy allows you to check customers and competitors and learn their shareholder and group structure. And of course, full 5-year financial statements with all the most important metrics. This is what the Global Database credit report will give you.

What major companies are from Belgium?

  • AB-Inbev is a Belgium multinational Brewing Company. AB-Inbev manufactures Beers, and they have more than 630 brands that are popular across the World. As of 2019, they support 20,000 farmers across 13 countries to grow the best barley, wheat, cassava, hops, maize, rice, and sorghum. The headquarters is in Belgium. As of December 2021, AB-Inbev annual revenues were 54,304 million USD and Net Income was 4,670 million USD. 
  • Umicore is a global materials technology and recycling group, and it has 11,152 employees as on 2019, and it has annual revenues of €3,361 billion and an EBIT of 509 million EUR 2019. The headquarters is in Belgium
  • UCB is a global biopharmaceutical company focusing on creating value for people living with neurology and immunology conditions. Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. As on 2019, UCB has total revenue of 4.9 billion EUR and has more than 7,600 employees.

How many companies are listed in the Belgium B2B database?

There are 1,845,080 companies in the Belgian B2B database. In the B2B database, you can find contact details of each company, industry, status, age, company turnover, number of employees, official website, and much more

What is the biggest company in Belgium?

Groupe Bruxelles Lambert is an investment holding company, with over sixty years of stock exchange listing, a net asset value of EUR 20 billion, and a market capitalization of EUR 15 billion at the end of 2019. The headquarters is in Belgium.

GBL is a leading investor in Europe, focused on long-term and sustainable value creation and relying on a stable and supportive family shareholder base.

Where can I find financial reports of Belgium companies?

You can get company financial statements from government agencies. But the data you get from government agencies will not be as complete or as broad as you would like. These agencies only provide a few key indicators, which are not enough to adequately analysis a business.

You can find the complete financial statements of companies in Belgium on the Global Database platform with all important indicators (operating expenses, EBITDA, other expenses, net income, profitability, revenue, break-even point, and others). All of these indicators will help in a thorough analysis of the business.