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Luxembourg Business Directory

If your company is looking for new phone or email leads in Luxembourg, Global Database is here to help. Our database holds company intelligence on 6702 organisations in the region, and with a range of filters including business size, sales volumes and seniority level so that you can easily narrow your search based on demographics.

With our business information, you can reach the key decision makers in every company, and regular checks and updates mean that you can rest assured that the data will always be accurate. As a market leader in company intelligence our platform is trusted by companies such as Microsoft, Avaya and Cisco, who have all made the decision to buy business directory database access with us.

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Luxembourg Industry Directory

Whether your company is looking for Luxembourg B2B leads in business services, finance, technology, or a different sector, Global Database has a solution for you. Our company contacts database includes records for businesses across 34 verticals, and with a total of 6702 businesses in our Luxembourg B2B marketing database, we have everything you need to get started.

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Luxembourg Business Credit Reports

Want to avoid cash flow interruptions and target your ideal prospects in the Consulting industry in Luxembourg? The Global Database Credit Report platform offers a simple way to minimize risk and help you make more informed decisions: a business credit report of your future and current B2B partners in Luxembourg.


While it’s most often necessary to extend credit to your business partners in Luxembourg, more often than not, companies make assumptions about the creditworthiness of their B2B prospects and partners. They rely on their impressions and interactions instead of data like a company’s payment history, credit limit, and group structure — opening themselves up to potentially devastating financial risk and inability to successfully target the most highly sought after prospects.


Protect your business now — and set it up for maximum future success. You’ll get the most reliable for 822 businesses in the Consulting industry in Luxembourg through the Global Database Business Credit Report platform. Our business credit report saves time — and money — helping you avoid fraud, maintain consistent cash flow, understand your prospects’ group structure, and stay up to date on the credit risk of your current partners as well as your future prospects.

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Business Credit Reports

Luxembourg Phone Directory

Kick start your next telesales campaign with access to the Global Database Luxembourg phone database; with 18024 direct numbers it takes the hassle out of scouring the net for contact details, and allows you to reach out to key decision makers directly, without the pain of being met by gatekeepers constantly.

We ensure data accuracy from the get-go by collecting it from authoritative sources only, including:

  • Companies House

  • Stock Exchanges

  • Chambers of Commerce

  • Annual reports

  • Telephone interviews

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Luxembourg B2B Marketing Database

Should your company wish to target senior executives or senior managers only, Global Database provides the ideal solution. Our seniority level filter means you can gain access to thousands of CEOs, CTOs and senior managers from day one, with direct numbers and email addresses as standard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an email database?

At Global Database, you can purchase a subscription to an electronic list of Luxembourg business addresses. You can contact our sales representative for pricing, some services are offered separately and some in a package. It all depends on the versatility of the database and the size of the market in general.

How to extract data from Luxembourg business Data API?

We will list the main options for using the global database API:

- Autofill Forms. Allows you to request a minimum amount of information about your leads and automatically fills in all empty fields.

- Email Data Enrichment API. Designed to enrich your data from an employee's email address or corporate domain name to a full company profile.

- Accelerated Search. Designed to optimize resource consumption by replacing or reducing manual input.

-Automatic data synchronization. By setting up web interceptors to continually update your database.

-Automating customer registration and risk assessment. When processing customer data by setting up queries and criteria

Is there any type of Credit Report for Luxemburg company directory?

In the credit report of Luxembourg companies you will first get a summary and profile of the company, then Payment Information with indicators such as Average Invoice Value, Invoices available, Paid, and Outstanding. You'll also get Score History and Credit Limit History. Our credit report also includes Financials with various key indicators (Working Capital, Total Liabilities, Net Assets, and so on). All in all, with our type of credit report, you will be able to see the business you want from the inside.

What major business is in Luxembourg?

ArcelorMittal is a multinational industrial steel company formed by the merger of Arcelor Steel and Mittal Steel Company. Its headquarters are located in Luxembourg. As of 2019, the company employs more than 191,000 people. And the early value as of January 2022 reached $31.726 billion.

Does Global Database offer any type of demo for their products?

The Global Database platform provides a free demo for most of its products, it all depends on the scope, the number of users, and export requests. You can discuss this with our sales representative, who will first advise you on the right product for you and find the right type of demo for you.

How many companies are registered in Luxembourg?

The Global Database currently has 144,363 companies. All company data is up-to-date and accurate, as it is taken from official sources. We confidently guarantee data accuracy of not less than 95%. If in an extreme case you are dissatisfied with our work, we will promptly replace the list with a more appropriate one for you as an apology.

Are financial statements public in Luxembourg?

Financial statements are public in Luxembourg if the company itself is public, if the company is private, it is obliged to provide its financial statements only to the public authorities and the tax authorities. But we have good news for you, Global Database provides full financial statements of both public and private companies with all financial indicators. You can request a financial report from us, and we will provide it as soon as possible.