Enrich your SugarCRM account with Global Database B2B data

Make your SugarCRM account work even harder - add high quality, accurate B2B intelligence from Global Database.
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Transfer new leads straight to SugarCRM

Identify your perfect prospects from our B2B directory and then add new records for them in your system. Our smooth integration with SugarCRM makes it hassle-free to add your new leads from Global Database to your own CRM.

Build a complete customer profile

You can't understand a prospect without having the right data. Connecting your SugarCRM account to Global Database gives you access to quality, in-depth information to build a full overview of each company or individual, without having to spend hours on manual research.

Update records with automatic synchronisation

Keep up-to-date with your prospects or competitors. The Global Database integration into SugarCRM allows you to select specific companies or employees to monitor, and you'll receive notifications any time a record is changed.