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If your business is branching out into Latvia, you may be finding it a challenge to acquire new leads in the country. Waiting for potential customers to come to you can be particularly frustrating given that 63% of consumers who request information from your company will not be ready to purchase for at least three months, according to Marketing Donut.

Global Database has the idea solution for targeting Latvia companies. Our business contact database contains details for 10392 organisations and key employees located in Latvia, and is fully searchable based on a wide range of demographic filters including business size, revenue, and industry.

Latvia Business Directory

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Latvia Industry Database

With our companies database, Latvia businesses can easily be searched depending on the sector that you wish to market your product or service to. Our 34 different verticals include government, technology, finance, transport and logistics, human resources and mining. Whatever field you require leads in, it's safe to say that Global Database can help.

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Email marketing still represents the most effective channel in terms of return on investment, as long as you have quality contact data to work with. When you buy email business database access from Global Database, you are guaranteed to enjoy one of the best email deliverability rates of any company intelligence provider. This is because we check all of our 6554 Latvia email addresses every month, so you can be sure that your sales messages are getting straight through to the inboxes of the country's key decision makers.

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Latvia Phone Database

When you choose to buy business data from Global Database, you'll have access to 9602 work numbers for top decision makers in Latvia. All of our phone numbers are direct, so your sales team can easily avoid the hassle and wasted costs involved with constantly coming up against gatekeepers.

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Latvia B2B Marketing Database

The Global Database Latvia directory offers a wide range of filter tools in order to narrow down the specific businesses you need by demographics. You are also able to filter the contacts by seniority level, and with thousands of senior executives in our directory you could be on a call or starting a conversation via email with a company CEO or CTO almost immediately.


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