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Barbados Business Directory

The Barbados business contact directory from Global Database contains 2739 records for companies and their key players in the country. It holds all of the vital contact information you'd expect from a high-quality business directory, such as company name and address, phone and fax numbers and email addresses, as well as other company details such as nationality, employee count, income, turnover and much more.

A range of filtering tools make quick work of building efficient marketing lists based on specific demographics, and free and unlimited exports to Excel mean you can easily transfer the information into your own CRM or an email marketing service.

Barbados Industry Database

Barbados Industry Database

Whether you're looking to get hold of Barbados companies in the legal, IT, technology, government or logistics sector, Global Database holds information for all of them, along with other 29 verticals. Our Barbados business intelligence is a perfect match no matter what your ultimate goals are:

  • Add thousands of high-quality and accurate leads to your sales funnel

  • Qualify leads before targeting them in your next campaign

  • Carry out risk assessment for potential clients and business partners

  • Verify the accuracy of your existing contact data

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Barbados Email Database

Barbados Email Database

Regardless of how far social media has come in recent times, the majority of experts agree that email marketing is still number one. In fact, 89% of marketers say that email is their primary channel for lead generation, according to a research from Mailigen.

With the Global Database directory, Barbados businesses are closer than ever; with 4918 company email addresses for the region, all of which are tested on a 30-day basis, you can enjoy high deliverability rates and the knowledge that your messages are very likely to get through to the key decision makers in your field.

Barbados Company Phone Database

Barbados Company Phone Database

Our phone database has 3576 phone numbers for Barbados key contacts, so no matter who you are targeting you can be sure to find the leads you need. What's more, all of our numbers are direct – no more hassle from being met by gatekeepers; instead you could be speaking with a company CEO within minutes.

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Barbados B2B Marketing Database

The Global Database Barbados business directory makes it easy to find the specific organisations and professionals you need. Filtering the database by seniority level means that you can target only CEOs and CTOs. Similarly, if you'd only like to buy small business data, you can do so by using the employee size filter, giving your team access to a finely-tuned B2B email list, perfect for segmented campaigns.


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Barbados B2B Marketing Database

Our Benefits

  • Bypass gatekeepers using our email and phone intelligence platform

  • Benefit from real-time updates with a 12-months subscription

  • Apply advanced segmentation tools for high-precision targeting

  • Keep your finger on the pulse while monitoring your competitors

  • Cherry-pick and export accurate companies lists in minutes

  • Boost your marketing campaigns’ success rate and achieve your KPIs easily

Companies that trust Global Database

  • Microsoft
  • Avaya
  • Oracle
  • KPMG
  • Maserati
  • Frost and sullivan award
  • DHL
  • Caterpillar
  • Du pont
  • Iveco
  • Ipsos
  • Motorola
  • Experian
  • Sacci
  • Board of Investment Mauritius

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