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In the last few years, the big data market has gone through crucial changes and has witnessed a rapid growth both development- and value-wise. By 2022, the market value is expected to reach US $274 billion, showing a 62% increase as compared to 2018. With that in mind, your interest in the list of big data industry companies is hardly surprising. 

If new opportunities in this rapidly growing sector is what you are looking for, Global Database big data companies directory is the perfect solution. Our big data industry directory does not only comprise the big data market players that are most expected to dominate the global big data industry. Our database lists big data companies of all sizes setting base in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the Caribbean. Note, that what we have on offer is not just the list of big data companies names. Our big data industry market database features full company profiles with 80+ data points each, ranging from location, size, corporate group structure to up to 20 years of financial data and KPIs.

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The advantages big data industry companies can bring to your business are immense, so it is of no surprise for you to be looking for a future business partner in the list of big data companies. Global Database is here to give you the asset that makes finding and connecting with big data market businesses fast and with minimal effort possible.

Although such positions as data scientists and Chief Data Officers (CDOs) are relatively new, these are the key-positions you’d be willing to reach out to as they might be the right decision-makers for your particular goal. With Global Database, you get the corporate contact information of the key people in any company so that you can reach out to them as soon as your pitch is ready. 

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The big data market is a fast changing one, and so are the ways to reach out to the industry representatives that may help you best with your goals. To keep your finger on the pulse, you need a consistently updated highly-accurate big data companies directory.

Global Database does not offer you a simple list of big data analytics firms. Our big data directories present in-depth company profiles, including details of activity, location, up to 20 years of company financial data, web technologies used and, most importantly, corporate contact data featuring up-to-date email addresses of the key decision-makers. The big data industry email addresses are validated once in 30 days, guaranteeing you a high deliverability rate. Use the company information to formulate your proposition, and get in touch with the right people immediately.

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When an email campaign is not enough or is not exactly what you need, cold calling might be the best solution. Global Database big data market phone directory offers you an extended list of corporate big data market phone numbers of the people you need. Using direct corporate phone numbers, you rejoice at the advantage of avoiding gatekeepers and of not getting your ideas and offers lost halfway. 

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Big Data Industry Database Yearly Subscriptions with Daily Updates

We at Global Database have an unwavering commitment to high data quality, and our big data industry directory is no exception. Our datasets are updated on a daily basis, while the big data industry email addresses lists are validated every 30 days. We guarantee you an up to 95% email deliverability rate, one that few of our competitors can boast. We collect our data from official and trustworthy sources only, hence our confidence in the quality we provide. With a yearly subscription to big data industry companies directory from Global Database, you can stay assured that you are using high quality big data market information.