Global Database integration for better B2B data in SendGrid

Global Database for SendGrid gives you the data you need for powerful email marketing campaigns. Gain instant access to accurate, consistently-updated B2B data, including direct contact information.
Corporate email
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Custom Mapping puts you in Control

Never lose control over your customer data - Global Database will only ever make alterations with your prior permission. Choose whether to set your own specific rules when transferring data to SendGrid, or ask that only blank fields be updated.

Add one by one or in bulk

Use the filters to find your ideal prospects, then transfer them from Global Database to SendGrid. Choose to add them one at a time, or in complete segments - perfect for creating targeted email campaigns.

Quality Data to Supercharge Sales

Global Database B2B data is consistently monitored, verified and updated, providing one of the best accuracy ratings on the market. Easy integration with SendGrid enables entries to be automatically synced, with new data regularly added from over 300 sources.