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Poland Business Directory

Having high quality business data is integral to the success of your marketing efforts, however getting hold of accurate and up to date contact information can be extremely challenging, not to mention time consuming. With this in mind it is perhaps no big surprise that outsourcing lead generation is thought to be 43% more efficient than in-house methods, according to Fearless Competitor.

If you're looking for information on Poland companies, Global Database has a unified solution to provide everything you need. With 91071 country records detailing everything from direct contact information for key employees and financial details, to employee count, company structure and much more, our intelligence is crucial to helping you crack the Poland market.

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Poland Industry Database

Global Database provides company information across a wide variety of sectors, covering everything from IT and finance to mining and engineering. Our Poland industry database covers 34 verticals in total, which is why we are favoured by numerous leading organisations in all different fields, including businesses, banks, universities, governments and research centres.

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Poland Business Credit Reports

Making informed decisions and minimizing financial risk can feel complicated, but the Global Database Business Credit Report platform makes it simple. We help you avoid cash flow interruptions and target your ideal prospects in the Machine building industry in Poland, all with an easy-to-access credit report.


Extending credit for goods and services is a normal part of business in the B2B market in Poland, but more often than not, businesses aren’t taking the necessary steps to evaluate the creditworthiness of their partners, instead relying solely on the strength of the relationship alone. Without a reliable business credit report, you won’t have the full picture — missing out on a business’s payment history, credit limit, and detailed group structure information. In the end, your finances, and future of your business, is exposed to high levels of risk that are easily avoidable.


Minimize risk — and propel your growth. With the Global Database Business Credit Report platform, you’ll get access to data for 2871 businesses in the Machine building industry in Poland. Each business credit report will help ensure you can consistently maintain healthy cash flow levels, watch out for fraud, learn how to navigate your prospects’ group structure, and monitor your current and future partners’ credit risk.

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Poland Email Address Database

When you buy access to our email address directory database, you instantly gain over 399785 direct email addresses for key people in Poland companies. All of this data is verified on a 30-day term, and any old, unused or inaccurate addresses are removed; leaving us with one of the most accurate email databases in the industry, with an incredibly impressive email deliverability rate to boot.

No matter if you're planning to send newsletters, event invites or cold sales messages, Global Database can give you the quality B2B leads to make your campaign as profitable as possible.

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Poland Phone Directory

Whether you're looking to build a large, medium or small business database of Poland contacts, we have a data solution for your company. The Global Database phone directory holds 7258 direct numbers for key employees located across the country, allowing you to speak directly with those empowered to make business deals in their organisation, including thousands of senior executives.

All of our data comes from trusted sources such as annual reports, stock exchanges, telephone interviews, and chambers of commerce, so you can be sure that even before our numerous validation checks are carried out, you will have access to the highest quality business data on the market.

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Poland B2B Marketing Database

The Global Database business directory allows you to target the specific organisation types that your product or service is catered toward. With a range of demographic filters in our online platform, you can easily narrow down your search, including by seniority level in order to reveal Poland CEOs, CTOs and senior managers alone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Global Database offer a b2b email database Poland?

Yes, Global Database offers a B2B email database in Poland. The database is up to date and has an accuracy of at least 95%.

How to use the Global Database API?

We will list the main options for using the Global Database API:

  • Autofill forms. Allows you to ask for a minimum amount of information about your leads and automatically fills in all empty fields.
  • Email Data Enrichment API. Designed to enrich your data from an employee's email address or corporate domain name to a full company profile.
  • Accelerated Search. Designed to optimize resource consumption by replacing or reducing manual input.

What is a Global Database Credit Report and what type of information does it offer?

Global Database's credit report helps you uncover and see the complete company you need. From the credit report, you get information such as:

  • Credit rating and credit limit
  • Financial statements for the past 5 years
  • Loan officers
  • Filing history
  • Corporate ownership
  • Outstanding and satisfied mortgages
  • Shareholder information
  • Company Identity

How do I find all email addresses for a Poland company?

You can find all Polish email addresses on our Global Database platform after accessing it. All you have to do is to select "Location" and then the region you are interested in, in our case it is Poland. And in front of you all the e-mail addresses of companies in Poland.

Where to find a financial report of a Poland private company?

Financial statements for small private companies can be obtained from government agencies, but the financial statements will not be complete. Global Database provides a complete financial report for the last 5 years for any company, whether it is a private or public company.