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Identify, verify and close

Leading data solution that helps you discover and engage customers while staying compliant across global markets
Find new customers
Efficiently identify your perfect buyers and see your sales team’s effectiveness grow instantly
Verify and monitor your suppliers
Validate suppliers and receive notifications when changes occur to make sure all your processes run smoothly
Build products and automate processes
Use the API to create your own apps to better your users’ experience and to automate your sales&marketing processes

Stay on top of your game with Global Database solutions

Get notifications when relevant changes take place on the market of your interest, find out about new leads and be the first to contact them

Use data that helps you sell

Global Database Sales & Marketing platform offers you first-rate inputs for every step of your sales funnel. Choose quality data on prospects, customers and competitors and see your business grow exponentially

Fill in all the empty data fields

Bolster your business database. Gain an enriched view of any company you’re interested in and stay assured that whenever you review its profile, you’ll see the most up-to-date information available

Make savvy and compliant choices

Ensure you are fully aware of both opportunities and risks when engaging with businesses. Scrutinize credit reports, financial data, shareholder intel, group structure and more to keep your company safe

Automate your processes

Synchronise data automatically, easily fill in the blanks, facilitate onboarding, automate risk assessment and use straightforward API integration to stream global data intelligence to your preferred tool or database
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Lead generation and stockholders’ timely due diligence form the essence of any business’s security and continuity
B2B Opportunity Costs: The Trade-Offs of Not Using Company Intelligence Today
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How to Sell in Crisis
With the current degree of globalisation, a crisis that would hit only one country, region or vertical is quite impossible to imagine. Starting with one state being hit both socially and economically, the impact has internationally spread quite as fast as the virus itself. With many negative effects of the pandemic on B2B companies in mind, we decided to post our 12 suggested solutions on how to sell in crisis.
How Has BI Affected B2B Sales and What to Expect in 2020
Today successful B2B sales are based on BI, from the performance of particular sales reps and sales team to marketing and sales campaigns and the supply department efficiency. Your sales team is fully informed and ready for everything, thus passing the seven stages of the traditional sales process with better results.