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Browse 32 industries across 6 regions for new prospects. Gain competitive intelligence in Oil & Gas, Mining, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Agribusiness, Shipping and many more key sectors.

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With millions of companies, representing over 195 countries, Global Database delivers a truly holistic data service - your first choice for fast and reliable business directories.

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Identify, attract and retain exceptional talent in Finance, Human Resources, IT, Marketing, Logistics, Research and Strategy and many more. Have exclusive and unlimited access of over 80,000 executives around the world.

Data Cloud. Most advanced and accurate intelligence platform.

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Invest Hong Kong Hong Kong
Praxair Russia
Philip Morris Kuwait
British American Tobacco Turkey
Schneider Electric South Africa
Petrobras Brazil

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Ideal if you are looking for new partners or to establish new business relations and expand your business activities worldwide.


It allows unlimited access to leading companies across the globe and their key contacts.


Intelligent and coherent database, designed to facilitate the development of communication channels between companies.


Target opportunistic contacts with our individually and expertly researched databases.

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Our customers and clients span across most of countries worldwide, including many sizeable companies listed in key country indices such as the FTSE 100 and S&P 500. SME's, banks, governments, financial service companies, research centers and academic organisations have all come to rely on our database to facilitate their business development opportunities.

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