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Our platform is a perfect tool for marketing professionals
  • Generate highly targeted marketing lists
  • Search across 195 countries by industry, company size, location, revenue and more
  • Download and export your list in XLS or CSV
  • Target potential clients more effectively by discovering what technology a website uses
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We’ve got what you need

Contact key decision makers directly avoiding all the gatekeepers

  • Filter contacts by department and job title
  • Get dial numbers and email addresses
  • Build targeted lists using industry specifics, location, company size and more
  • Receive job change notifications
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Contact key decision makers directly avoiding all the gatekeepers

Global Database platform will find the perfect hire

  • Prospect and recruit your ideal candidate
  • Send a job offer using email address listings
  • Get job change notifications
  • Filter candidates by seniority level and job title
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Global Database platform  will find the perfect hire

Discover new companies that fit your business needs

  • Get deep financial data and historic trends
  • Filter out companies that will match your investment portfolio
  • Receive relevant updates on companies you follow
  • Understand the decision-makers behind a company by learning more about their nationality, directorship history and other relevant data
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Discover new companies that fit your business needs

Stay safe. Know your customers

  • Conduct credit checks on your business partners
  • Verify the identity of companies, shareholders and establish beneficial ownership
  • Monitor your stakeholders to prevent financial exposure and production shortfalls
  • Minimize risks associated with supplier failure
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Stay safe. Know your customers
Top 50 companies in Europe by Revenue in 2018

Checking the Top-European companies by revenue in 2018, you’ll get acquainted with each industry’s main players and their financial situation as of the end of 2018 - the beginning of 2019. This will let you perform qualitative due diligence and make an informed investment decision when looking for business partners and new markets in Europe.

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