Reach decision makers faster with Global Database for HubSpot

Easily integrate your HubSpot account, making manual data entry a thing of the past and providing your team with in-depth, high quality data to work with.
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Select entries one by one or in bulk

Global Database makes it extremely easy to add and update entries in your Hubspot account. Simply select the ones you need individually, or choose to upload in bulk. Smooth data integration means better email deliverability rates and more time to focus on selling.

Custom data mapping

Worried about having your data changed or deleted? Don't be - Global Database will never alter your records without being told to. Whether you choose to update empty fields only or set specific data mapping values, you remain in control of your data.

Automatic updates for clean data

Your team no longer have to deal with the hassle of manually updating entries - Global Database automatically does it for you. Our smooth Hubspot integration synchronises and enriches your company data to keep it as clean and fresh as possible.