Financial Reporting

Make data-driven business decisions

Corporate email

Run due diligence checks

Get the opportunity to thoroughly analyse a prospect’s financial risks and possibilities

Unveil corporate group structure

Explore corporate relationship trees of your preferred companies

Get latest updates

Set up alerts to be the first to study financial updates of your prospects

Get a clear view of a company’s net profit, turnover, liabilities and other important financials

Informed decisions

Conduct due diligence on the company of your interest before taking any decision. Whether it’s a merger or acquisition agreement you are about to take or a prospect’s profile you are looking for, our B2B business database will provide you with a solution. Our directory comprises the information you might need for a data-driven outcome
Informed decisions

Thorough analysis

Learn about your prospects’ credit limits and credit scores in seconds. You don’t have to make estimations by yourself, as the companies’ profiles offer you the assessment of the prospects’ overall credit risk, payments and inquiries, and even charges and mortgages

Unified platform

Dive into financial data with profiles comprising 5+ years of officially issued reports and statements along with readily calculated key performance indicators and ratios. Allocate your resources and efforts to your liking as we save your time by compiling in-depth financial profiles so that you don’t have to look them up individually

Transparent hierarchy

Skip researching corporate group structures of your prospects - Global Database gives you the solution right away. In the ‘ownership’ tab of a company’s profile, you can find the corporate relationships tree, presenting you all the information about its place within its group structure

Trustworthy data

Get the information about your preferred companies’ ownership and beneficiaries from trusted sources. Not only are we certain of the authenticity of the information we provide you with, but also of the relevance it brings to our clients. All data is verified on a daily basis, while the higher-ups’ emails and phones that we deliver with our businesses directory are validated every month
Trustworthy data

How can I get it all?

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