Reach decision makers faster using Global Database for Pipedrive

Take a better data-driven approach using targeted, in-depth B2B insights uploaded straight into Pipedrive.


Find your ideal business customers and reach out to them directly using verified and up-to-date email addresses and phone numbers from Global Database.

Fresh, validated data for better results

Global Database for Pipedrive gives you clean, up-to-date B2B intelligence without the hassle. Our data is constantly updated and enriched, with automatic synchronisation. You decide which data values you want to be updated, and the frequency for doing so. Data hygiene is incredibly simple with Global Database.

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Add entries directly into Pipedrive

Pick the entries you need from the Global Database directory individually, or choose to upload them in large groups. Enjoy better email deliverability rates, easier segmentation and more time to focus on priorities such as closing deals.

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You’re in charge with custom mapping

Your data is safe with Global Database. We never alter your records without getting your permission first. Instead, you may opt to have only blank fields updated, or you can create your own specific mapping configuration.

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