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Canada Business Database

If your business is looking for new prospects in Canada without the time and resources involved in manually seeking them out, the Global Database business contact directory is the ideal solution. Our database contains data on 1244733 organisations in Canada, including:

  • Company name and address

  • Website addresses

  • Direct contact details for phone, email and fax

  • Senior executives' and senior managers' details

  • Financial histories

  • Employee numbers

  • Office locations

Our efficient online platform makes it incredibly easy to find exactly what you're after with a number of filter options to segment the records according to the demographics your company is targeting. Whether you're looking for thousands of new high-quality leads for your sales pipeline or to build a small business database with a more niche target audience, Global Database has something for you.


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Canada Industry Database

With Global Database's companies database, Canada businesses across a wide range of verticals are made easier to reach out to. The directory includes organisations and key people in sectors such as marketing, engineering, research and strategy, chemicals, IT, finance and many more. With a total of 1244733 entries for the region, almost every possible niche is catered for.

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Paper, Wood & Furniture
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Canada Business Credit Reports

Making informed decisions and minimizing financial risk can feel complicated, but the Global Database Business Credit Report platform makes it simple. We help you avoid cash flow interruptions and target your ideal prospects in the Paper, Wood & Furniture industry in Canada, all with an easy-to-access credit report.


Extending credit for goods and services is a normal part of business in the B2B market in Canada, but more often than not, businesses aren’t taking the necessary steps to evaluate the creditworthiness of their partners, instead relying solely on the strength of the relationship alone. Without a reliable business credit report, you won’t have the full picture — missing out on a business’s payment history, credit limit, and detailed group structure information. In the end, your finances, and future of your business, is exposed to high levels of risk that are easily avoidable.


Minimize risk — and propel your growth. With the Global Database Business Credit Report platform, you’ll get access to data for 10073 businesses in the Paper, Wood & Furniture industry in Canada. Each business credit report will help ensure you can consistently maintain healthy cash flow levels, watch out for fraud, learn how to navigate your prospects’ group structure, and monitor your current and future partners’ credit risk.

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Business Credit Reports

Canada Email Database

Although no one could argue that social media has not had a big impact on the business world, when it comes to marketing it is still email that reigns supreme. According to a survey by B2 Community, 60% of sales executives agree that email and newsletters remain the best performing channel in terms of return on investment, demonstrating the need for businesses to ensure they have a solid email marketing database in place.

Global Database has 4815283 direct email addresses for Canada, with one of the highest deliverability rates on the market. We also enable our clients to make use of free and unlimited Excel exports, so creating a campaign for those new B2B email leads is as hassle-free as possible.

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Canada Company Phone Database

Any salesperson will understand the frustration of constantly being met by gatekeepers while carrying out a cold calling campaign. Global Database takes this annoyance out of the equation by providing direct contacts. The 647339  phone numbers in our directory will enable your team to reach the people with real buying power in your industry, without the frustration of being misdirected or having your messages waylaid.

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Canada B2B Marketing Database

Our business contact directory makes it easy to target the perfect company types and professionals for your product or service. You can filter your search based on a range of specific demographic data that even includes job function; allowing you to narrow your B2B email list or call list to CEOs, CTOs and/or senior managers alone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a Canadian email address list?

To have Canadian email addresses you have to buy a one-year license from Global Database, all pricing is available on our website. After that, you will not only have access to Canadian email but plus with daily updates, free data export to XLS, and job change alerts.

Which credit report is most accurate in Canada?

You can request a company credit report from government agencies in Canada, such as the IRS. These services provide accurate reports, but you may not get enough information. If you need a more comprehensive report, Global Database provides it, all you must do is ask for it. Our credit report has most of the financial indicators that will help you make a good analysis.

What is the best free credit reporting site in Canada?

You can find free credit reports for Canada on official government websites but be warned that these credit reports contain far fewer figures than you would like to see.

Our credit reports are not free, but you can have a range of information for a fraction of the cost. And that information includes:

  • Credit rating and credit limit
  • Financial statements for the past 5 years
  • Loan officers
  • Filing history
  • Corporate ownership
  • Outstanding and satisfied mortgages
  • Shareholder information
  • Company Identity

What are the major businesses of Canada?

Major businesses in Canada:

  • Wireless carriers in Canada - Total revenue of $10.9B
  • Transmission of electricity in Canada - Total revenue of $10.1B
  • Oil Drilling & Gas Extraction in Canada - Total revenue of $7.9B

How many companies are listed in Canada?

Global Database has 108,757 registered and currently active companies in Canada. The most important thing for us is that you are satisfied with our work, and that is why our data is 95% accurate. Otherwise, if you are not satisfied with the quality of our data, we will apologize by replacing it with more relevant data for you.

How do I verify a business number in Canada?

First, it is worth checking whether the number is available on the company's official website or in public sources. Alternatively, you can contact Global Database with a request about the company you are interested in Canada, and we will be sure to help you and provide the company number and more.

How do I find information on a business in Canada?

You can find business information from Canadian government agencies, official websites, or databases such as the Global Database. These are three proven ways to get quality and detailed information about a company.

How do I find a company's financial statements in Canada?

Financial information can be found on the company's official web page under Investor Relations, where Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reports and other company reports are often stored. On the official SEC website, the financial documents are electronically available free of charge since 1993/1994. Although this information is free, but its an incomplete set of data that might be useless for you. Global Database offers a more comprehesinve and up-to-date information on Canadia companies financial statements to fully understand the business you are interested in