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It's no secret that finding fresh prospects can be challenging; in fact, 80% of marketers say that their lead generation efforts are only slightly or somewhat effective, according to a study by BrightTALK.

Fortunately, there is an easier solution if your business is looking to market your products or services to companies in China; the Global Database directory has details for 201008 organisations and their key staff members in the region. Create fully customisable contact lists with a range of filter variations to segment the records based on your target demographics, so regardless if you are looking to buy small business data or that of large enterprises, your marketing team will have exactly what they need to kick start the next campaign.

China Companies Database

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China Industry Database

The China business directory provides you with direct contact details for the top decision makers working in:

  • Finance

  • Logistics

  • Marketing

  • Chemicals

  • Technology sectors

  • And a further 29 fields

Our meticulous and regular checks ensure that the 201008  China records are always as fresh and error-free as possible; we process around 500,000 updates every single month, in which mistakes are identified and corrected, stale data is removed and new businesses are added.

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Global Database has 139398 email addresses to contact China key business employees directly. Our email database is updated daily, by both our extremely intelligent software and meticulous in-house team members, and we also validate each email address on a 30-day basis. The result is high quality data with excellent deliverability rates - in fact, it is so accurate that you can even use it to give your existing email lists a spring clean.

China Email Database

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China Phone Database

Using the Global Database companies database, China business contacts are just a phone call away. Forget the hassle of dealing with gatekeepers; our 229161 phone numbers ensure that you can reach the employees you need directly, saving you time and money in the process. Get your sales messages straight to the people with the buying power with the Global Database China B2B marketing database.

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China B2B Marketing Database

Global Database's intelligent online platform puts you at the heart of China industry. You can segment the contacts to create targeted lists for even better levels of engagement, and export as much as you like to Excel for free. You can even filter the China database directly according to job role, giving you the option to contact company CEOs and senior managers specifically.