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Belize Business Directory

The Global Database Belize directory has 2335 company records for the region, enabling your business to add plenty of new high-quality leads to the top of your sales funnel.

The entries in our companies contact database are not only validated by our patented web crawling technology, but also by a team of over 100 in-house employees who gather, test, and organise data daily. This is why we have one of the highest accuracy levels among intelligence providers, as well as the reason we are trusted by huge brands such as Microsoft, Dupont, KPMG, DHL and many others.

Belize Industry Database

Belize Industry Database

The Global Database Belize company directory has contact details for businesses across 34 verticals, so no matter which sector you are looking to buy business data in, we have a solution for you.

All of this data is collected from reputable sources such as Companies House, Chambers of Commerce, public filings, telephone interviews and annual reports, which, along with our constant validation checks, means it is as error-free and current as possible.

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Consumer Goods & Services
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Belize Email Marketing Database

Belize Email Marketing Database

If your business needs an email address database that will provide high-quality leads to help you break the Belize market, Global Database is the ideal solution. Our directory holds 4908 direct email addresses for the region, all of which are validated every 30 days.

Constant updates mean new records are added daily, and our customers are notified of these additions so that they can easily be added to a B2B email list. Whether you're sending out newsletters or cold sales messages, our excellent rates of deliverability mean that your email marketing campaigns always have the greatest chances of success.

Belize Phone Database

Belize Phone Database

Although cold calling may seem daunting to some marketers, it remains an extremely valuable tool to connect with potential buyers. Almost 90% of marketing managers claim telesales and telephone follow-up calls are an effective lead nurturing technique, according to LinkedIn.

Purchasing access to the Global Database company database provides your business with 2539 phone numbers for Belize, so you can get started on your next telesales campaign straight away.

Number of companies in Belize
Direct phone numbers listed
Phone Numbers on Average per Company
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Belize B2B Marketing Database

With the Global Database business directory, you can not only target companies depending on their industry and size, but also narrow your search down to specific staff seniority level. We have thousands of senior executive and senior manager profiles, so you could even be on a call with a CEO or CTO in a matter of minutes.

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Belize B2B Marketing Database
Competitors Contact Database in Belize

Competitors Contact Database in Belize

There are other providers with company intelligence and email address lists for sale, but Global Database represents the best value for money for several reasons. Firstly, unlike competing vendors, our Belize data is updated every day, which is why we can say that we have an enviable accuracy rate of at least 93%.

Our innovative online platform also offers a range of other advantages for our users over our competitors:

  • More configurable filtering tools than any other product on the market

  • Email addresses validated every 30 days

  • All-inclusive payment that provides access to our B2B marketing database for a year

  • Unlimited Excel exports

Global Database vs. Our Competitors

GlobalDatabase Zoominfo Kompass dun and bradstreet Avention
Download Data in CSV Free. Unlimited Additional cost Additional cost Additional cost Additional cost
Direct email address 93% 80% Less than 3% Less than 3% Less than 3%
Direct phone numbers 76% 50%
Coverage 195 countries 170 countries 65 countries 140 countries 160 countries
Data source On the ground sources
Data mining
Call center
Data mining Data mining Data mining Broker, doesn't own the data

Our Benefits

  • Avoid Gatekeepers with our business email and telephone directory

  • Have access to 12 months subscription cycle with constant updates

  • Filter, sort and target prospects tailored to your needs

  • Ideal for competitor tracking and securing new customers, partners or suppliers

  • Download high-quality, segmented lists based on +20 search criteria

  • Increase your email campaigns success rate with accurate and up-to-date email list

Companies that trust Global Database

  • Microsoft
  • Avaya
  • Oracle
  • KPMG
  • Maserati
  • Frost and sullivan award
  • DHL
  • Caterpillar
  • Du pont
  • Iveco
  • Ipsos
  • Motorola
  • Experian
  • Sacci
  • Board of Investment Mauritius

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