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Manufacturing output reached $11.7 trillion globally in 2015. If your business is looking for new potential deals in this sector, Global Database has everything you need. Our manufacturing industry database currently holds information on 119331 companies involved in the sector. Finding the exact organisation types you need is simple; we have advanced filter options to narrow the database according to your needs.

Whether you're searching for prospects or suppliers, we can offer in-depth directories divided by the following regions: Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, Latin America, Caribbean and Middle East. Our entries contain employee details, financials, contact information, credit scores and more.

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The manufacturing workforce accounts for around 13% of the population in developed countries. With such a vast number of people employed in the sector, it's imperative that you connect with those who actually hold the power to make buying decisions for their company. Our directory holds 156634 records for executives working in manufacturing worldwide. They can be filtered very easily, based on things like job title, location, seniority, industry and department. Global Database makes it easier to find the decision makers for your next campaign.

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Whether you're targeting established manufacturing  markets such as the US and Germany, or rapidly growing markets such as China and India, email marketing is the easiest and best value way to reach out. Global Database supplies thousands of email addresses for the global manufacturing sector. Our manufacturing email database is updated regularly so that all of our data - including emails - is completely current and complete to ensure maximum delivery rates. Your membership also gives you the chance to export records via Excel, so you can populate your email service ready for your campaign.

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Manufacturing remains one of the most lucrative and important industries of all; it generates $2.17 trillion for the US economy, for example. Don't miss out on potential deals; Global Database can provide you with direct dial numbers for decision makers within the manufacturing industry. This means you can stay one step ahead of your competitors by gaining access to senior managers and other senior members of staff from the very first call. Just filter the manufacturing phone directory based on your requirements and away you go.

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Global Database is committed to providing our members with the highest quality data possible. All of the data listed in our manufacturing industry database comes with a guarantee that it is always at least 93% accurate, thanks to the numerous checks and updates we carry out. If we don't reach this target, we'll happily send you over some other contacts as a replacement.