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The paper, wood and furniture industry represents great potential across the globe. The top 100 companies alone working across forestry, paper and packaging had total sales of $317 billion in 2015. Global Database can help you score new deals in this industry. Our B2B directory contains 486015 companies working in the sector worldwide. Each of them lists business details such as contact data, financials, credit scores, employee details and more.

Global Database provides directories divided by the following regions: Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean. You can efficiently filter these databases by factors to find the specific enterprise types you need.

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The production of paper and cardboard reached around 407 million metric tons globally in 2014. In order to find the best opportunities in this sector, as well as those in wood and furniture, you need to reach the right people. The Global Database B2B directory lists 1204180 executives across the sectors. They can easily be filtered depending on the employee's seniority level, department and job title, so you're able to find the specific individuals your team needs to talk to.

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Whether you're targeting the biggest markets, such as China and the US, or smaller, emerging markets, you can use our B2B data to build truly effective email campaigns. Our paper, wood and furniture B2B directory gives you access to thousands of email addresses for those working in the industry. They're all validated on a monthly basis, giving us one of the top email deliverability rates in the industry. See the difference to your next email marketing campaign with our B2B directory.

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Cold calling campaigns can still be extremely lucrative when conducted effectively. Global Database can help you make the most of your phone sales - our paper, wood and furniture B2B directory has thousands of numbers for those in the industry. Even better, we also offer direct dial numbers to enable you to get right through to the decision makers in each company without the hassle of bypassing secretaries first.

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Daily Updates to Ensure Accuracy at all Times

The paper, wood and furniture industry is constantly changing and evolving. For example, timber sawlog prices have seen an increase in GSPI of over 15% in the last year alone. To keep up with these changes, Global Database updates all of its records every single day. The result? An accuracy guarantee of at least 93% at all times. If this target isn't met, we'll happily send you fresh data to make up for it.