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Samoa Business Directory

Get the ball rolling on your Samoa marketing efforts with company intelligence from Global Database. With over 2842 registered organisations listed, your business can get to the heart of Samoa business and make valuable contacts and business deals in the region. A range of configurable filters make it easy to find the specific contact types you need in order to build highly targeted mailing lists, which can then be transferred directly into Excel for use with your company's CRM or email marketing provider.

Our innovative online platform does not only hold high quality email address lists for sale, but also includes a wide range of data crucial to gaining an in-depth understanding of each company listed. Our entries consist of:

  • Company names and addresses

  • Direct contact information for phone, fax, and email

  • Income and turnover

  • Senior managers and senior executives list,

  • Employee count,

  • Office locations and much more.  

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Samoa Industry Database

If you need Samoa business leads in a particular industry, our company contacts database is ideal. We have 2842 records available for the region across a total of 34 verticals, ranging from human resources and marketing to shipping and engineering, so whatever field your business is targeting you will have plenty of immediate new sales opportunities.

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Samoa Phone Database

Global Database possesses over 3002 direct dial phone numbers for the Samoa region, so you are able to contact practically any company in the region. Because our numbers are all direct, you can avoid the time and resources that gatekeepers cost your business, and instead get right through to the decision makers you need.

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Samoa B2B Marketing Database

Global Database takes the time and large costs out of procuring thousands of B2B phone and email leads for your campaigns. Crucially, our online platform also enables you to narrow your search based on filters such as revenue and employee numbers, so you can find the organisations that match your buyer profiles perfectly. You can even filter by staff seniority level, including CEOs, CTOs, and senior managers.

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