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Hungary Business Directory

Give your next marketing campaign a powerful edge with company intelligence from Global Database. Our directory is comprised of 28687 records for organisations and top employees throughout Hungary. Our cutting edge online platform enables users to build the most efficient lists in no time at all thanks to our vast range of flexible filtering tools, making the creation of segmented campaigns quick and effortless. Mailing lists can be transferred to your own CRM or email marketing provider hassle-free with as many Excel exports as you need, with no extra fees.

Whether your business is in need of some new B2B email leads, direct phone numbers, or advanced company insights, Global Database has all you need to develop high quality marketing efforts and kick start your sales strategy in the Hungary market.

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Hungary Industry Database

Are you looking for contacts in the Hungary technology sector? Perhaps you're after new leads in the transport or chemicals industry? Whatever niche you're targeting, Global Database can offer you high quality company intelligence. With 34 different verticals covered in our Hungary directory, we really do have something for everyone; regardless of whether you are looking solely for small business leads or those of much larger enterprises.

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Hungary Business Credit Reports

Minimizing risk and making informed decisions doesn’t have to be complicated. The Global Database Credit Report platform connects you with one of the simplest — and most often overlooked — ways to avoid cash flow interruptions and target the best prospects in the Retail industry in Hungary: a comprehensive credit report of your B2B partners and prospects.


Working in the B2B market in Hungary, it’s almost a given that you’ll need to extend credit to your partners. While there’s always some level of risk with credit, so many businesses rely on the relationship with their current and future partners when assessing the financial safety of the partnership. But without access to a company’s payment history, group structure information, or credit limit, they’re exposed to high levels of risk and an uncertain financial future.


Make protecting your business simple — connect with the Global Database Business Credit Report platform today. You’ll be granted access to crucial data for 816 businesses in the Retail industry in Hungary. With this simple tool, you’ll be in a safe position to catch fraud before it happens, maintain consistent cash flow levels, understand how to navigate your prospects’ group structure, and assess the credit risk of your current and future partners alike.

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Hungary Email Database

While using the Global Database email address database, Hungary key decision makers are just an email away. When you buy email list access from us, you gain 78717 direct email addresses for businesses of all sizes and across all industries throughout the country. All of these addresses are validated every month, meaning we have one of the highest rates of deliverability of any business directory for sale. Email is crucial to your overall marketing strategy, so don't take a risk on low-grade error-filled contact lists – Global Database can help ensure that your messages get in front of the right people.

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Hungary Phone Database

The Global Database telephone directory consists of 3367 phone numbers for Hungary companies, enabling you to reach out to practically any business in the country. Most importantly, when you buy business data from us, you can enjoy direct contacts, cutting out the middleperson and reaching your target professional straight away.

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Hungary B2B Marketing Database

Finding the business types that fit your product's profile can be incredibly time consuming. Global Database's directory is the idea solution; our range of demographic filters allow you to reveal the best-fitting contacts for your brand. You can narrow the search by company turnover, number of employees, years in operation, and more. The ability to filter your call or B2B email list by level of seniority means that you can even speak to CEOs and other senior executives from the get-go.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What information does the Hungary email list include?

Hungary's email list contains direct email addresses for businesses of all sizes and in all industries nationwide. Contains the number of employees of the company, and the direct contact number of any employee, up to directors and general managers. Also, the age of the company, its turnover, official website.

What is the Hungary Database API and where can I use it?

The Global Database API is the perfect tool to build your product and broadcast useful B2B analytics to achieve the most value for your business. You can use Global Database Hungary's API to simplify workflows, make credit decisions more easily and enrich your API data itself.

Does Global Database offer any type of demo for their products?

Global Database provides a free demo for most of its products, but it all depends on the size of the market and market turnover in general. For us to offer you a suitable demo, you can contact our sales representative, who will tell you in detail about it and schedule a demo for a certain time, which takes about 20-25 minutes.

What are the B2B companies in Hungary?

  • Ordit Food Delivery & Catering provides an innovative platform for companies and their employees to access a wide range of restaurants.
  • DicomLab is developing digital medical technologies that offer a real alternative to traditional surgical interventions.
  • Lead Ventures is a Budapest-based venture capital firm, a specialist in financing scale-ups in Central Europe.

What is the biggest company in Hungary?

OTP BANK NYRT attracts deposits and offers retail and commercial banking services. OTP Group includes major subsidiaries that provide services in insurance, factoring, leasing and asset management, investment and pension funds, and real estate. The company's products are consumer banking, corporate banking, credit cards, finance and insurance, wealth management, loans, etc. The headquarters are located in Hungary. Revenue for 2022 is $5.8B.

How do I register a company in Hungary?

There is a lot of information on the Internet regarding all such issues, but it is not always up-to-date and reliable. Global Database and our specialists are thoroughly versed in all the subtleties of Hungarian legislation, accounting, and taxation and can help you officially register your company in a short period.