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Italy Companies Database

Once business persons have a firm grasp locally, they will always look into new opportunities to expand their line of business. Enhancing products and servicing other areas takes its toll on your resources, and if you are underprepared such as trying to seize a European powerhouse you will lose assets. This is why you should strengthen yourself with powerful intelligence from Global Database.

Italy Business directory is a compiled list of 7,956,038 companies each having a detailing company profile. This structured usable data in our Italy company directory can be browsed at will by industries, location or area of coverage, key-financials, SIC codes and even the technology stack implemented in businesses’ online presence - all to quickly identify and get in contact with leads. Italy company information is collected from government and other official sources and is updated on a daily basis so that our clients do not work with obsolete data. Business directory Italy is the necessary chisel to sculpt the goal you’d be willing to achieve in Italy and ensure its success.

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Italy Industry Database

Navigate freely Global Database’s Italian business directory according to Italy SIC codes. The peculiarity of your business will not detriment, in any shape or form, our platform's ability to display a list of Italian companies no matter how creative you get with our state-of-the-art filter system. You can browse the Italian business directory by a variety of criteria to further progress your business campaigns. Corporate relationships tree, employee seniority level, up to 20 years of financial history, and other intelligence tabs can be accessed with the Global Database business directory Italy subscription.

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Italy Business Credit Reports

Ready to minimize risk and make more informed decisions? There’s actually a simple — and often overlooked — way to help avoid cash flow interruptions and target the best prospects in the Metals industry in Italy: obtaining a business credit report of your future and current B2B partners.

You’ll no doubt be extending credit for goods and services in the B2B market in Italy, yet so many businesses haven’t taken steps to assess the creditworthiness of their partners, often going on the interaction or impression alone. Without checking a business credit report, you won’t truly know their payment history/credit limit or have what you need to fruitfully navigate each prospect’s group structure. Ultimately, you’ll be exposing yourself to a level of financial risk that can make or break your future.

Be smart — protect your business. The Global Database Business Credit Report platform offers crucial data for 33430 businesses in the Metals industry in Italy. By obtaining a business credit report, you’ll access the tools to help you to consistently maintain healthy cash flow, avoid fraud, navigate your prospects’ group structure, and stay on top of credit risk — with both new and current partners alike.

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Italy Phone Database

Italy phone Database counts 211,093 telephone entries that are a direct backup should your email follow-ups fail to engage or need to be complemented by additional efforts. Unlike other directories, you will never make the mistake of calling an employee’s home number since we take a lot of precautionary measures to ensure deliverability. All Italy company data in our Italy phone Database is GDPR-compliant.

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Italy B2B Marketing Database

Seize the momentum of your business growth and integrate yourself into the Italian market with valuable, personalized Italy company data insights as pylons for a successful campaign. Your eagerness to get in touch with leads, partners, outsourcing potential, supply chains or other parties necessary to progress your business goals can be satisfied with a long list of Italian companies profiles. Each contains invaluable details ranging from size to company ownership structure, employee’s contacts to financial data, liabilities to web technology used. Moreover,  Global Database Italy business directory has available integration with popular CRMs. Should you need our Italian company information flow for a proprietary system then you can grab an API key straight away.

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