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Global Database finance and insurance companies directory provides you with all the business intel you need to target and explore these fruitful markets. By 2022, the global financial services market is estimated to reach $26.5 trillion with a growth rate of 6%, while the global insurance industry has seen continuous premiums growth and by the end of 2020s’, the Asia-Pacific market is expected to exceed 40% with its global share. With such promising forecasts in mind, it would be of no surprise that you would be looking forward to learning more about the finance and insurance sector, be it on a global, continental or local levels.

Finance and insurance business directory features straightforward filters which allow you to easily and within just a few clicks find what you need. For example, if you are most interested in the European insurance industry database, all you have to do is to select the vertical and, maybe, a specific type of financial insurance companies as well as the region - Europe - and the database for insurance will display the corresponding results right away. Yes, it is as easy as it sounds.

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Of course, to achieve any of your goals with regard to the finance and insurance industry you have to both be seriously prepared and get in touch with the right people. Global Database of insurance companies and financial institutions lists comprehensive profiles on a total of 235,286 companies, including data on almost 1.1 million employees. Depending on your goal, you will surely find direct corporate contact information in the finance and insurance client database and will be able to get in touch with the people of your interest right away.

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Regardless of the size, type or development of the markets you are willing to target with your next finance and insurance industry email marketing campaign, what you really need is an accurate email list of insurance services and finance companies. What we offer is a finance and insurance industry email database which is updated daily and all entries on the finance and insurance service industry email list are validated on a monthly basis, thusly helping you to avoid both spam folders and bad sender reputation. 

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Willing to complement your finance and insurance sector email marketing campaign with cold calling? With Global Database this will not be an issue. Together with full company profiles and finance and insurance industry email list, you will get access to the corporate phone numbers of decision-makers. The ability to filter finance and insurance industry employees by their seniority level will aid even more in avoiding gatekeepers and contacting directly the right people for the goals you pursue. 

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Our clients trust us, and they have well-founded reasons for that. Our B2B Marketing finance and insurance business directory features comprehensive company intel as well as finance and insurance industry mailing lists which are all diligently collected by our patented technology, honed by our research team and automatically verified on a daily basis. The finance and insurance industry email list validation every 30 days allows us to guarantee to our users an up to 95% accuracy rate of the data we deliver with our B2B marketing finance and insurance companies database.