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Mauritius Business Directory

Does your company need new leads to break into the Mauritius market? Look no further; Global Database's business contact directory has direct phone and fax numbers, website addresses and email lists for sale. Our company intelligence covers 16456 businesses and key people in the country, and alongside contact details also provides crucial information about each company such as finances, business size, company nationality, office locations and much more.

A range of demographic filters allow users to pinpoint the exact profiles they need in order to create targeted mailing lists that are essential for segmented campaigns. Our customers are also free to make use of as many exports to Excel as they require, so transferring data to their own CRM or email service provider is quick and hassle-free.

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Mauritius Industry Database

Whatever business type your company is interested in, Global Database has the market covered. Our directory holds intelligence for 16456 Mauritius organisations across a wide range of different sectors. Whether you need to get hold of people working in finance, marketing, mining, shipping, agribusiness, government or another field entirely, Global Database has plenty of quality leads to turbo-charge your campaign.

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Mauritius Email Address Database

Email marketing is still vital when it comes to getting the word out about your products or services. Segmented campaigns are particularly effective, in fact, according to the DMA, targeted and segmented emails generate 58% of all revenue in any marketing campaign. With this in mind, Global Database makes it easy for our customers to build highly-tuned mailing lists thanks to our flexible filtering options, so when you buy email business database from us, you have everything you need achieve the best results possible.

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Mauritius Phone Database

Regardless of whether your company is building a large, medium, or small business database, being able to speak to the key decision makers in your target industry is essential to ensuring the overall success of your marketing efforts. Global Database's phone database for Mauritius has 2219 direct phone numbers for the region, so your team can bypass gatekeepers and speak to the people capable of making valuable buying decisions, including CEOs, CTOs, and senior managers.

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Mauritius B2B Marketing Database

Global Database's online platform allows you to narrow your search to the specific types of businesses you are aiming your product or service at. Our demographic filters also include staff seniority level, so you can quickly locate the key decision makers at the top of thousands of organisations. With the Global Database Mauritius business directory you can carry out a range of sales and marketing activities in the region.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What information does the Mauritius email list include?

Global Database directory contains not only high-quality ads for sale but also addresses of companies, names, and positions of senior managers, direct phone numbers, years of establishment, number of employees, turnover, profits, and more.

What data can I extract using a Mauritius Company Data API?

Using Global Database API you can get a range of information about companies from Mauritius. Set up the Global Database API to speed up verification of new customers, automate credit decisions or perform flexible due diligence to secure your business.

Is there a credit score in Mauritius?

Yes, you will find important data in the Mauritius credit report, including the credit rating. And also Payment Information, Financials, Current Directors, and many other key indicators.

How many companies are in Mauritius?

The Global Database has 17,804 companies listed in the Mauritius database. We verify every address on a 30-day basis, so our customers know they have the highest quality B2B email addresses in the industry.

Which is the biggest company in Mauritius?

Air Mauritius is the flagship airline of Mauritius. The airline is headquartered in Port Louis, Mauritius, and is based at Sir Sevusagur Ramgoolam International Airport. The company was placed under voluntary management on April 22, 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and withdrew from management in mid-2021.

  • Total assets: EUR 360,526 million (FY2019)
  • Total equity: EUR 49,396 million (FY2019)

What are the best B2B companies in Mauritius?

Sadex Trading Ltd is a company based in Mauritius in the African region and Queensland, Australia. Its mission is to ensure that as many people as possible are taken care of by wholesaling staple foods such as rice, sugar, flour, and milk.

Logideans WorldLink - Provide trucking and logistics services at affordable prices. Its founders boast more than 23 years of combined experience in the field.

Can I export company information from Mauritius companies list to excel?

Yes, you can export Mauritius company's data to Excel and your CRM, this is allowed with no restrictions and no extra cost for doing so.

Can I have a financial report for any company in Mauritius?

Yes, you can request a financial report for any company in Mauritius. You can be sure that the data is taken from official sources and our delivery rate in the market is very high.